County's teachers look ahead to Columbia's impact on schools [History Matters]

October 1965

Columbia will need teachers


"County Teachers Plan Ahead For Columbia

"The Howard County Teachers Association, under the leadership of John Soles, president, is looking ahead. The creation of the Five-Year Committee to begin to think about and plan for the impact of Columbia on the education program of the county has been created and has been working under the direction of Lee McFarlane and Wilson Lord. A preliminary report will be made at the Fall Dinner Meeting of the association at Ellicott City Junior High, October 12 at 6:30 p.m."

From Church notes:

"Southern Methodist Church To Hold Monthly Hymn Sing

"The regular  monthly Hymn Sing will be held at the Southern Methodist Church, 139 Main Street, Ellicott City, on Sunday, October 3, at 2:30 p.m. The public is invited.

" 'If the Church is not Mission Minded, then the Church is a Mission Field,'  is the theme of a Missionary Conference to be held at Faith Bible Church, Montgomery Road, from Oct. 3 to 10. The Rev. Paul Bishop, Missionary from Ethiopia, will speak on Sunday, Oct. 3, at 8 p.m. Speaker at 8 p.m. each of the following nights will be the Rev. Nilsen from the Field of Sudan International Missionaries. The Rev. Clayton Crooks, minister of Faith Bible Church, says there will be films and exhibits each  night and invites the public to attend."

In 1965 Haile Selassie was still emperor of Ethiopia. A Christian and member of the Oriental Orthodox Church, Selassie had been emperor since 1930 and would remain so until 1974.

October 1924

Racing Billy

From Laurel:

"A number of race horses have already arrived at the Laurel race track for the opening here on October 6.

"The grounds and track are in first class condition. The new road has been completed between the race track grounds to the Boulevard for Baltimore automobiles, thereby saving congestion after the races as has been the custom in the past.

"This new road leaves the Boulevard just north of the bridge then crosses into Laurel and goes under the Baltimore and Ohio bridge, just north of their station here."

In front of Laurel Park is a statue of thoroughbred Billy Barton, who raced on flat tracks in the 1920s. The statue was erected in 1952, but ironically ol' Billy was barred from racing at Laurel because he was very unruly. So in 1929 he was sold, purchased by Howard Bruce of Howard County's Belmont estate.


But Billy was a horse of many colors and so he just up and changed careers. He became a famous steeplechaser. He almost won the English Grand National, a feat that got his picture on the cover of Time magazine that year. Yes, he had quite an ego and an attitude. Several years ago an old timer from Elkridge who knew Billy told me Billy Barton would not only kick, but bite. So I think it's appropriate that, in the end, Billy wasn't taking even death lying down. He is buried at Belmont in full tack, standing up!

Social notes from Lisbon:

"Miss Doris Sanner entertained a number of her school mates at her home on Saturday, September 20, in honor of her ninth birthday. Games were played, after which refreshments were served. Those present were: Misses Helen Warner, Leona Gaver, Gladys Hobbs, Louise Davis, Billy Smith, Evelyn and Hazel Fagon, Betty and Jane Delashmutt, Elizabeth Ann Giddings, Daisy Pearle Hess, Evelyn Smith, Doris Sanner, Lorine and Treaser Neal, and R. F. Sanner Jr.

"Mr. and Mrs. John H. Owings of Elkridge were visitors on Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Pearre.

"Mrs. Annie Michael of Catonsville is visiting at the home of her brother Mr. Roy Warner.

"Mrs. Allen Gillis has returned to her home in Halethorpe after visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Hobbs.

October 1890

Doing the deed

From deed notices: "Virginia Essselman et al to W. Arnold Brinkman and wife, 25 acres, Second District.