July 1970

Don't trip and swim


"Police Rescue Boy From Pool

"A fifteen year old Ellicott City youth was pulled from a private swimming pool in Allview Estates Friday afternoon, July 24, and revived by Howard County Police rescue units after failing to return to the surface.

"The boy was taken to St. Agnes Hospital. Police said an investigation revealed that the youth may have suffered from a re-occurring LSD trip. He had 'tripped' several months prior and had experience several reoccurrences since."

July 1940

'Our Town' in town

"Pulitzer Prize Play Next Show At Hilltop Theatre: Thornton Wilder's 'Our Town' Expected To Arouse Wide Local Interest'

"The Hilltop Theatre will present Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize play, 'Our Town,' opening Tuesday, July 30, at 8:50 p.m. in its theatre in Ellicott city. Edwin Phillips of the George Abbott office will direct, and Lynn Swann, who was the understudy in the Broadway production will play the part of Emily.

"Ellicott City, like Grovers Corners, is a small town, but unlike Grovers Corners, is located South of the Mason-Dixon line. Ellicott City has a population closely approaching Grovers Corners and has many of the interesting characteristics of that Northern town; therefore Mr. Wilder's play is expected to arouse a great deal of local as well as State interest."

"Goodwill Winners For July Sale Days

"Congratulations — The following ten persons were presented cash awards this week for their participation in Ellicott City's second Goodwill Days Sales. Their checks were placed in the mail on Wednesday. The names appear in order in which they finished the Goodwill Contest. To those who did not receive awards, we say — Remember August is another month.

"Mr. E. W. Miller, Ellicott City; Miss Patience Day, Sykesville; Mrs. William Rest, Oella; Miss Ruth Brown, Woodstock; Mrs. Mary P. Starr, Ellicott City; Mrs. George L. Tucker, Oella; Miss Hilda Curran, Ellicott City; Marry Blackwell, Ellicott City."

July 1915

Flood wrecks bridges

"Several residents of Dayton neighborhood stated that the rain on Monday was the heaviest seen there for over twenty five years. Several small bridges across the county roads near Dayton were carried away by the heavy rain on Monday and also the bridge across the Clarksville pike at Middle River. The dwelling of Mrs. Richard Davis near Bethany, was destroyed by fire on Wednesday afternoon with all its contents. Loss about five thousand dollars, fully covered by insurance."


From the "Locals" column:

"Mr. Michael Cooney began repairing Columbia avenue, this city, this week, a much needed improvement. Much damage was done to the growing corn in Roxbury Mills neighborhood, much being blown down and broken off. The Alphonsans easily defeated the Monitor A. C. of Baltimore on Sunday by the score of 14 to 7. Lafayette A. C. this Sunday.

"A chicken supper will be held for the benefit of the Dorsey Church in the basement of the Parsonage on the evening of July 31. The annual Sunday school picnic of the First English Lutheran Church, this City, will be held on Quaker Hill grounds next Wednesday.

From the "Personals" column:

"Dr. W. Rushmer White is visiting relatives in Toronto, Canada. Dr. and Mrs. Frank O. Miller are visiting in Chicago this week. Miss Anna House, of Shepherdstown, W. Va., is visiting her cousin, Mr. Carlton R. Sykes at Linden. Miss Audrey Radcliffe is spending her vacation with friends in Caroline county. "

If you get to the seashore via Route 404, you pass through rural Caroline county, near Denton, its county seat. The last colonial governor of Maryland was Robert Eden, and the county was named for his wife. Caroline happened to be the daughter of Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore. During the Revolutionary War, the new Maryland legislature suggested that the governor leave the country for a while. But he later returned to live in America and is buried in Annapolis. If the Eden name sounds familiar, one of his ancestors became Prime Minister of Britain. Anthony Eden followed Winston Churchill's tenure.