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Columbians want a park, not a mini-Disneyland [Letter]

I am writing in support of the proposal for Symphony Woods which was approved by CA and the county a couple years ago, a plan which would be user friendly and would also preserve the "woods" and park environment.

I have been unable to determine how, all of a sudden, we seem to have discarded the previously approved, relatively simple, plan and are now stuck with the Inner Arbor pie-in-the-sky mini-Disneyland proposal (hopefully not a fait accompli) which involves spending an enormous amount of money, as well as destroying the "park" environment.

I am not of the mindset that we shouldn't pursue this extravagant Inner Arbor concept because it is a violation of Jim Rouse's dream — this dream has been nullified some time ago by the advent of "big box" shopping. I do, however, believe that an adjunct to the in-process "downtown" Columbia would more appropriately be a park for Columbians, not a "regional draw," with all sorts of "entertainment," as has been advocated by the Inner Arbor Corp. Just to think of the additional traffic which would be generated is enough to give us pause.

I do like the idea though of a Bethesda-like center in the Crescent, with restaurants, outdoor cafes, and an "indie" movie house, as long as there is adequate parking.

Doris Rausch


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