Howard County Muslims join people of all faiths to condemn the Islamic State

Lisa Philip
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On Lincoln Memorial steps, Howard County Muslim Council condemns Islamic State

On Friday afternoon, the Howard County Muslim Council joined more than 20 Washington-area faith organizations on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to condemn terrorist attacks by the Islamic State.

The demonstrators spoke out against the Islamic State's "reign of terror against humanity," said Shahan Rizvi, the council's president. "Christians, Jews, American Muslims representing Sunni, Shia, and other sects came together to show solidarity and strength in numbers."

On Nov. 13, the Islamic State coordinated shootings and explosions in Paris that killed 130 and injured over 300 people.

"Muslims around the globe, particularly American Muslims, are sick and tired of these terrorists perverting the name of Islam and killing innocent people," Rizvi wrote in a letter to the Muslim Council's members. "It is our duty as Muslims to step up, protect the community at large, show unity, and send a message to ISIS that we will not be intimidated."

After the demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial, the organizations held a candlelight vigil for victims of the Islamic State in front of the White House in Lafayette Square.

"Candlelight vigils were on display throughout the night and several moment of silences were observed to honor all the innocent lives lost by these murderous barbarians," Rizvi said.

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