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Calvin Ball's call for 'leadership' -- meaning himself? [Letter]

Last week your paper informed me that Calvin Ball approves of Bus Rapid Transit. But your paper already reported on the Public Transportation Board's July meeting on the subject and on Allan Kittleman's discussion of it with the Montgomery County Executive. Calvin Ball says we need leadership to make it happen.

In the same issue, I learned that Calvin Ball favors more funding for Bridge Columbia, and that "the best way to show leadership" would be to fund the bridge in the county budget.

Why are we being told all this? It's too late to testify on one budget and too early for the next. The Office of Transportation is studying Bus Rapid Transit. What am I supposed to do?

I already approve of leadership. I'd like a $10-million-dollar bridge with electric trains crossing Route 29, and wifi-enabled buses to Dulles. I'd also like a chicken in every pot, change we can believe in, and other varieties of pie in the sky.

I'd also like to know what office Calvin Ball is campaigning to fill before you print any more of his position statements.

Joanne Heckman


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