Kangaroo Kids jump on national stage

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Jump rope

Seventeen members of the Kangaroo Kids Competition Team traveled to Long Beach, Calif. to compete in the USA Jump Rope National Championship June 26-29. The event featured close to 700 jumpers from 57 different teams from across the nation.


Twelve members of the Kangaroo Kids team qualified to compete in the Grand National Championship in one or more events by having one of the top 12 scores across all age groups in a speed event, by placing first in their age division freestyle event or having one of the top eight scores in a freestyle event across all the age groups. For the Grand National Championship, Kangaroo Kids were represented 11 times on stage for speed events, and six times for freestyle events. Those jumpers that qualified in speed events were Cecilia Hartley, Sydni Horner, Ryan McGuire, Mason Rogers, Beth Short, Cassandra Tarash, Sam Trossman, Lynn Walsh and Aaron Weingrad. Jumpers that qualified in freestyle events were Cecilia Hartley, Sydni Horner, Christina Kratzmeier, Mason Rogers, Beth Short, Sophie Skalny, Cameron Simmons, Sam Trossman and Lynn Walsh.

Other notable Kangaroo Kid finishers: 1. Mason Rogers, male one-minute speed; 3. Beth Short, female one-minute speed; 2. Cecilia Hartley, Mason Rogers, Elizabeth Short and Sam Trossman, single rope speed relay and single rope speed medley; 3. Cameron Simmons, male single rope freestyle; 2. Sydni Horner and Lynn Walsh, female single rope pairs freestyle; 2. Sydni Horner, Elizabeth Short & Lynn Walsh, female Double Dutch single freestyle; 2. Cecilia Hartley, Mason Rogers, Sam Trossman and Lynn Walsh, Double Dutch pairs freestyle event.


Kangaroo Kids team members who placed in the top-10 of the USA Jump Rope National Age Division Championship are as follows:

Male single rope events

Thirty-second speed—15-17: 2. Mason Rogers; 4. Aaron Weingrad; 9 (tie). Sam Trossman, Cameron Simmons.

One-Minute Speed — 15-17: 3. Mason Rogers.


Three-minute speed — 15-17: 6. Aaron Weingrad; 8. Mason Rogers; 10. Ryan McGuire.

Freestyle — 13-14: 5. David Gordon; 15-17; 6. Cameron Simmons; 10. Devin Meek.

Triple Unders — 15-17: 2. Mason Rogers; 4. Sam Trossman; 9. Drew Meininger.

Female single rope

Thirty-second speed — 15-17: 1. Beth Short; 4. Lynn Walsh; 7. Cecilia Hartley; 18-22: 10. Sydni Horner.

One-minute speed — 14: 5. Sophie Skalny; 15-17: 2. Beth Short; 6. Cecilia Hartley.

Three-minute speed — 14: 3. Sophie Skalny; 18-22: 7. Sydni Horner.

Freestyle — 14: 1. Sophie Skalny; 15-17: 5. Lynn Walsh; 9. Beth Short.

Triple unders — 15-17: 3. Beth Short; 18-22: 3. Sydni Horner.

Single rope events

Speed relay — 15-17: 2. Cecilia Hartley, Mason Rogers, Beth Short and Sam Trossman; 9. Sophie Skalny, Cameron Simmons, Lynn Walsh and Aaron Weingrad.

Speed medley — 15-17: 1. Cecilia Hartley, Mason Rogers, Beth Short and Sam Trossman; 8. Sophie Skalny, Cameron Simmons, Lynn Walsh and Aaron Weingrad.

Pairs freestyle — 15-17: 4. Mason Rogers and Sam Trossman; 5. Devin Meek and Drew Meininger; 6. Cameron Simmons and Aaron Weingrad,

Female pairs freestyle — 15-17: 5. Christina Kratzmeier and Sophie Skalny. 18-22: 4. Sydni Horner and Lynn Walsh.

Double Dutch events

Double Dutch speed relay — 15-17: 5. Beth Short, Cassandra Tarash and Lynn Walsh.

Double Dutch pairs speed — 15-17: 4. Cecilia Hartley, Beth Short, Cassandra Tarash and Lynn Walsh; 18-22: 5. Sydni Horner, Ryan McGuire, Mason Rogers and Sam Trossman.

Double Dutch singles freestyle — 15-17: 8. Devin Meek, Drew Meininger and Alison Young; 9. Ryan McGuire, Cassandra Tarash and Aaron Weingrad.

Double Dutch female singles freestyle — 18-22: 4. Sydni Horner, Beth Short and Lynn Walsh.

Double Dutch pairs freestyle — 15-17: 2. Cecilia Hartley, Mason Rogers, Sam Trossman and Lynn Walsh; 8. Devin Meek, Drew Meininger, Lily Trossman and Alison Young; 18-22: 7. Sydni Horner, Ryan McGuire, Beth Short and Cassandra Tarash.


The Columbia Volleyball Club announced that Mike Bossom has joined the 30 year-old organization as head coach for the 2014-15 season. Bossom is returning to CVC after leaving the head coaching position at Goucher College, where he led the women's volleyball program from 2006-2014. During his tenure, the Gophers accomplished winning records in three of Bossom's first five seasons, which helped him become the second-winningest coach in the history the program.

Bossom is no stranger to CVC, as he coached previously with the club, including his tenure as co-head coach with the legendary Greg "Gio" Giovanazzi.

"We are really excited to have Mike back. He is really going to help us take this club to the next level as we get ready to celebrate our 30th year," said CVC President, Dave Kelley. "Mike's coaching experience at the high school, club and college level is going to be huge for CVC. I know that our players, parents and coaches are thrilled to have him back."

Bossom, one of the most successful high school volleyball coaches in Maryland, will also be returning as head varsity coach for Centennial High School where he guided the Eagles to 214 wins and eight state championships during his 12 seasons there, including five consecutive state titles starting in 1996.

Bossom was recognized twice during his run at Centennial as Coach of the Year by both The Baltimore Sun and Washington Post, and more than two dozen of the players he coached there went on to play the sport at the collegiate level. Earlier this year, Bossom was named to the Howard County Women's Athletics Hall of Fame.

In addition to his local successes, Bossom spent more than two years as the head coach of the U.S. Men's Standing Disabled Team, which under his direction placed fourth at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney, Australia.

The Maryland Juniors 15 Elite team moved into the No. 1 spot in the (CHRVA) Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association of USA Volleyball.

Maryland Juniors 15 Elite defeated Vienna 15 Elite in three sets 22-25, 26-24, 15-5 to win the gold medal at the Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association's open division playoff tournament.

Three teams — 15 Elite, 16 Elite and 17 Elite — from the Maryland Juniors Volleyball Club have qualified to compete in the 2014 USA Volleyball Girls' Junior National Championships.


The HCYP Patriots 12U travel softball team won the Class C Maryland/Delaware state championship by compiling a perfect 6-0 record. The Patriots entered elimination play as the No. 1 seed after going 2-0 in pool play. Victories came behind the solid pitching of Sasha Wyszynski in an 11-2 victory over the Cougars, and from Annabel McCullough in the 15-3 victory over the Mystics. The offense was sparked by timely hits from Sarah Allen and Sarah Phelps, and well as a two-home run performance from Makenzie Brooks.

During the elimination rounds, the Patriots defeated the Cumberland Heat, 8-3, behind the solid pitching of Grace Edwards and stellar defense from center fielder Skylar Morley. Wyszynski provided another great pitching performance in a 13-3 win over the Lady Blue Rocks en route to the semi finals. The offense continued to stay hot with contributions from Annabel McCullough, Kieran Davis and Ellie Henneberg.

The Patriots needed a comeback victory in the semi finals to defeat the Maryland Mischief, 10-9, in extra innings. Down, 8-3, in the last inning, the Patriots rallied to score five runs and force extra innings, where RBI's from Grace Edwards and Kieran Davis were enough to pull out the win. The Patriots defeated the North Carroll Hot Shots, 8-6, in the championship game with another strong pitching performance from Wysznyski and a solid defensive performance from catcher Erin Behel, who threw out a runner in the game.


Members of the State Champion Patriots are; Skylar Morley, Annabel McCullough, Grace Edwards, Kieran Davis, Ellie Henneberg, Makenzie Brooks, Erin Behel, Sarah Phelps, Sarah Allen and Sasha Wyszynski.

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