Columbia Association board meeting preview

Here's a look at a what's on the agenda this week for the Columbia Association's board of directors meeting, to be held Thursday night at 7:30 at the CA building, located at 10221 Wincopin Circle.

  • HOA Legislation — The board will have the third, and perhaps final, reading on the communications and community engagement time line for the HOA legislation. The legislation, available in draft form on CA's website, would exempt CA from the Maryland Homeowners Association Act. The board plans on having a public work session on the bill and two public hearings. There is also a feature on the legislation's webpage, located on CA's website, that allows for comments.
  • Ft. Meade Strategic Partnership — Fort Meade Garrison Commander Col. Edward Rothstein will deliver an update on the Army base's strategic partnership with CA. Over the summer, CA offered special rates to members of the Fort Meade community for the use of CA golf courses, five CA pools, and CA summer camps.
  • Joint Venture Policy — The CA board is scheduled to vote on the approval of a joint venture policy that states CA can't enter into a joint venture exceeding $25,000 without approval from the board.

To view the full CA board meeting agenda, visit the CA's website.