Gunfire pierced the Saturday morning bustle at The Mall in Columbia on Jan. 25, 2014, a gathering place for many in the planned suburban community, sending shoppers racing for cover as two store employees were fatally shot by a man who police said then killed himself.

Darion Marcus Aguilar entered the Zumiez skating and apparel store shortly after 11 a.m. and fatally shot two employees -- Brianna Benlolo, 21, of College Park and Tyler Johnson, 25, of Ellicott City -- before taking his own life.


This archive includes comprehensive coverage from The Sun and Baltimore Sun Media Group publications of the shooting and the lasting impact it would have on the community.



An air of confidence and a wad of cash: The sale of the gun used in mall shooting

Live coverage: Updates as they happened

Brianna Benlolo left behind a child, Tyler Johnson, a cause. Families of the co-workers killed by Damon Marcus Aguilar, who then killed himself, remember the Jan. 25, 2014, Mall in Columbia shootings.
A "B" and a "T" are etched into the black stone floor at Zumiez to remember Brianna Benlolo and Tyler Johnson.
The skate apparel shop in Columbia where two people were shot and killed in January before the gunman took his own life is reopening today, according to officials at the Mall in Columbia.
Howard County police said Wednesday that the suspect in January's fatal shooting at the Mall in Columbia had no connection to his victims, and that he may have had a fixation with the Columbine High School shooting in 1999.
Shortly after Darion Marcus Aguilar shot and killed two Zumiez employees, before killing himself, at the Mall in Columbia on Jan. 25, Howard County police spokeswoman Sherry Llewellyn was quick to act, taking to social media to keep residents and media outlets informed. Llewellyn and the rest of the police department's public information office continued to rely heavily on social media, Twitter and Facebook, throughout the investigation.
You get a call from someplace else, and the caller asks what on earth is happening in your town? And you answer, what? Don't you know that somebody at your mall is shooting up the place? the caller asks. And you say, what are you talking about, while clicking on CNN, and you see your mall with cops in full gear.
A week after the fatal shootings at the Mall in Columbia where Brianna Benlolo, Tyler Johnson and shooter Darion Aguilar lost their lives, Fidos for Freedom in Laurel opened its doors for the first time in direct response to a public tragedy. More than 30 therapy dogs and their owners gathered on Feb. 1 to offer comfort and compassion to anyone impacted by the shooting at the Mall in Columbia.
On the one-week anniversary of a shooting at the Mall in Columbia that claimed the lives of two skate shop employees, their loved ones gathered at a skate park to honor their memories.
It's not unusual for a 19-year-old with a clean record to be able to buy a firearm under state laws.
People who love Columbia say the shootings inside the mall last weekend that left three people dead have cast a shadow over their town center that will pass, but not for awhile.
By the middle of last week, just four days after the shooting at The Mall in Columbia that left three people dead, some in TV news wanted to move on.
Friends and former classmates of Darion Marcus Aguilar painted a portrait Sunday of a quiet 19-year-old who never raised his voice or caused trouble in class. The Aguilar they knew stood in contrast to the person Howard County police say shot and killed two people before taking his own life.
WBAL, NBC report shooting was 'domestic,' but so far, police disagree
Columbia mall shooting shatters our sense of security
At children's hair salon Cartoon Cuts, parents and kids kept calm during Saturday's shooting at the Mall in Columbia with a Batman doodling pad and other goodies from moms' purses.
Superintendent Renee Foose emailed parents to say student services teams would be available Monday following the shooting at the Mall in Columbia. She also offered tips for parents to support their children.
Shoppers in Bel Air Monday afternoon said they have no plans to change their shopping habits following Saturday's shootings inside The Mall at Columbia in Howard County that left three people dead.
Kiara Raney was set to leave home for a day of shopping at Columbia Mall last Saturday when the flurry of texts came.
The vigil was held at an impromptu memorial set up outside the mall's west entrance, where gunman Darion Marcus Aguilar, who turned the gun on himself after shooting the victims, entered on Saturday morning.
The Mall in Columbia shooter assembled his shotgun inside a dressing room in the back of a skate shop before fatally shooting two people and himself, Howard County police confirmed Wednesday afternoon.
On Monday, as politicians, the media and community members gathered for the mall's reopening, local leaders shared reactions to the shooting and the role they have to play in moving Columbia forward.
After Darion Marcus Aguilar fatally shot two skateboard apparel employees at The Mall in Columbia, he killed himself, according to the state medical examiner.
Dan Millen remembers Darion Marcus Aguilar walking into his Rockville gun shop with an air of confidence and a wad of cash. Aguilar wanted a shotgun, which he said he planned to keep in his home for protection.
The Columbia Mall management whisked reporters around its hushed halls Monday morning, ahead of its scheduled reopening after Saturday's deadly shooting.
As Columbia community deals with grief, some turn to tradition
Security experts say shopping centers face something of a dilemma when it comes to protecting customers and employees — people want to be safe while they're at the mall, but anything too overt, from metal detectors at entrances to armed police at every turn, would vastly change the leisurely appeal of the mall experience.
When the doors opened to The Mall in Columbia Monday for the first time since a gunman shot two store employees before turning the gun on himself, Kristen Lowman, flowers in hand, was one of the first people through the door.
Columbia looks to recover 24 hours after a shooting in the Mall in Columbia
When he heard the news that there'd been a shooting at the Zumiez store at The Mall in Columbia, Abhishek Rishi posted a panicked message hoping for a phone call from his friend.
Tyler Johnson, 25, was killed by a gunman at The Mall at Columbia on Saturday.
At an afternoon news conference, Howard County police said they do not know of a motive for the shooting and could not confirm the genders of the victims.
How to talk to kids about the shooting at the Mall in Columbia
WBAL, WJZ, CNN strongest in coverage at Columbia mall shooting
Columbia mall, Howard County police had done training for emergencies
Ken Ulman 1-on-1 after shooting at The Mall in Columbia
County council member Mary Kay Sigaty, whose district the mall is in, said she could see helicopters swirling overhead and heard sirens from her Wilde Lake home.
As I stood in The Mall in Columbia parking lot throughout the day and night Saturday, I received a few questions on Twitter about why I, a sports reporter who covers the Orioles for The Baltimore Sun, was there reporting on the shooting.
The Howard County police have confirmed that three people have been killed in a shooting at the Mall in Columbia. One of those killed is believed to be the shooter.