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32 Howard County high school students receive National Merit Scholarships

More than 30 Howard County high school students were named 2020 National Merit Scholarship winners this summer.

The Howard County Public School System recently released the names of the 32 winners of three different scholarship competitions.


Thirteen students won the $2,500 National Merit Scholarship for a combination of accomplishment, skills and potential success in college. The students were part of a group of 2,500 winners chosen nationally among 15,000 finalists.

Twelve more Howard County students won college-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards, financed by U.S. colleges and given to students who were finalists for the National Merit Scholarship. The Howard County students were among 4,100 winners. The college-sponsored scholarships provide between $500 and $2,000 annually for up to four years of undergraduate study at the financing institution.


The other seven students were among 1,000 students nationwide to receive corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards, financed by about 160 corporations and businesses. The corporate-sponsored scholarships are also given to students who were finalists for the National Merit Scholarship. Additionally, recipients are children of the company’s employees, residents of communities the company serves, or those who plan to pursue careers the sponsor wishes to encourage. The award amounts vary.

In total, 7,600 students across the country won awards and received a total of $30 million in college scholarships.

Here are the lists of county students who won scholarships:

National Merit Scholarship winners

  • Claire Brinster, Glenelg High School
  • Zan Chaudhry, River Hill High School
  • Jeffrey Du, River Hill High School
  • Richard Huang, Centennial High School
  • Samuel Levine, Long Reach High School
  • William Li, Mt. Hebron High School
  • Zhuoyuan Li, Marriotts Ridge High School
  • Lorelei Loraine, Mt. Hebron High School
  • Abhinav Modugula, Long Reach High School
  • Nicholas Pavlosky, River Hill High School
  • Yashvi Shah, Reservoir High School
  • Ameya Sriram, Centennial High School
  • Bill Tong, Atholton High School

Corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship winners

  • Keertik Bacon, Centennial High School
  • Jonathan Kim, Howard High School
  • Pooja Nambiar, Mt. Hebron High School
  • Daniel Osheroff, Atholton High School
  • Andrew Qian, River Hill High School
  • Samiksha Varadarajan, Howard High School
  • Jessica Wu, Atholton High School

College-sponsored Merit Scholarship winners

  • Robert Appel, Howard High School
  • Rebecca Baker, Marriotts Ridge High School
  • Aboli Dahiwadkar, Mt. Hebron High School
  • Udit Gupta, Centennial High School
  • Matthew Hernandez, River Hill High School
  • Harrison Kim, Howard High School
  • Andrew Lai, Reservoir High School
  • Joshua Lee, Marriotts Ridge High School
  • Angela Liu, Centennial High School
  • Annabel Smoot, Atholton High School
  • Rohan Uttamsingh, Atholton High School
  • Isaac Uy, Wilde Lake High School