A few columns back, I wrote about the return of the print version of the Reservoir High School’s student newspaper and the brand-new student staff. When I contacted the paper’s sponsor Stephanie Goldberg about the paper’s staff, I sent her a series of questions that I asked her to pass on to the kids for their responses.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Editor-in-Chief Allyson Sears. Allyson is a senior at Reservoir. She also is an avid tennis player.


“It’s a major stress reliever for me”, she wrote. She says that it “pushes her to do her best” and to “get better with every swing of the racket.” Like many players who take the sport seriously, she uses her passion to introduce others to it.

Allyson also loves to write stories. This is great, especially since she is the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. She has stuffed journals with unfinished books that she has written, unpublished poems and bits that touched her in some way, causing her to make a note in her writings.

Her interest in journalism came to her through the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It is well-known how Arthur Conan-Doyle’s super-sleuth always solved the case (well, not quite).

Like the famous writer, Allyson also wanted to discover the truth by digging deeper for the necessary information and exposing the truth through her writings. This has given her an interest in investigative journalism.

She’s uncertain if this is the career path that she wants to follow. She’s leaning toward a career in the medical field but is conflicted about which direction she will follow.

When asked who has had the greatest impact on her, she wrote that it’s “been my mom." She has pushed Allyson to do her very best – to be the best tennis player that she can be, to not quit even when she wanted to.

“In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t be where I am now as a student, or a person in general, without my mom riding me to do best,” she said. "Because tough love is the best love, right?”

Way to go, mom.

One question that I always ask people is this: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Here’s her answer. “That’s a tough question, because I have two possibilities: forensic pathology, and going into the writing field somewhere. If I chose the path of forensic pathology, then 10 years from now I will be in a morgue looking at the cause of death of a corpse. I will also still be in med school or in my first few years of residency.

"If I chose the path of writing, then I hope to have a job that is making me happy. I’d probably be working for some movie company or TV network writing a hit TV show. Or be at the Emmys, winning an award for best screenplay.”

It will be interesting to see where Allyson will be in 10 years.

The following Lime Kiln Middle School students are being recognized because they showed their ability to ROAR by being respectful, organized, achieving and responsible for the week of Oct. 28: Daniel Akingba, Ela Muniz, Ashley Dolloph, Zuri Brock, Milan Khalid and Hamza Farooqui. For the week of Nov. 4: Bailey Ko, Alexander Michos, Carly Gullett, Myah Hesselgesser, Leena Darwish and David Colmenares. For the week of Nov. 11: Faye Polizos, Diego Reyes-Garcia, Isabelle Ives and Sofia Morais. Congratulations.