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Clarksville: With new equipment, Clarksville fire department seeks volunteers

The Fifth District Clarksville Volunteer Fire Department recently added new equipment to its fleet. With the help of a BGE Emergency Response & Safety Grant, the department purchased side scanning, down imaging and sonar units for the dive team’s rescue boat. It also acquired an underwater metal detector.

According to the Fifth District’s website, “These units will allow the public safety dive team to operate safely and more efficiently by putting divers into the water only after the sonar/metal detectors have detected weapons or victims for retrieval, thereby reducing the time a diver is in the water. Side scan sonar is one of the most effective tools for underwater searches. It can search large areas quickly and provide detailed images to the surface operator.”


The fire department wants to make further additions to its company, in the form of people. The first responder is looking for volunteers to join the team in Clarksville and in other volunteer departments in Howard County. It is looking for people to become firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Opportunities are also available for administrative, support and auxiliary team members. No experience or prior training is required. Learn more and apply at

The Howard County Library System’s board of trustees has an opening for an at-large board member. The board “establishes policies, approves budgets, and ensures that HCLS fulfills its mission of delivering high-quality public education for all ages.”


Candidates will be selected based on their understanding of, passion and commitment to the library system. For this at-large position, candidates may reside anywhere in Howard County. For more information and to download an application, go to

Student musicians from the Clarksville Middle School Band earned positions in countywide honors ensembles and bands.

Joining the Gifted Talented Wind Ensemble are Adam Azrieli, percussion; Daniel Bi, horn; Justin Blackman, horn; Nathan Huang, trumpet; Joseph Hwang, trombone; Rishab Jain, percussion; Divya Kumar, clarinet; Jessica Li, euphonium; Jonathan Li, flute; Olivia Shim, clarinet; Elinor Tu, clarinet; Bryan Wang, trumpet; Ethan Yan, flute; Lydia You, oboe; and Brandon Yu, alto saxophone.

Named to the Gifted Talented Symphonic Band are Lucas An, trumpet; Ehren Casto, horn; Shreeya Chand, trombone; Estelle Chen, flute; Edison Chiang, trumpet; Andrew Guo, flute; Tanishka Handa, horn; Katie Huang, clarinet; Aditya Mishra, percussion; Daniel Oh, bassoon; Ari Spanier, trumpet; and Daniel Wang, clarinet.

The Honor Band welcomes Christopher Austin, trombone; Parker Finch, oboe; Daniel Gao, alto sax; Catherine Jiang, clarinet; James Lu, trumpet; Alex Luo, flute; Amy Yang, clarinet; and Gregory Yang, trombone.

Clarksville Middle School artists have received recognition as well.

The work of sixth-grade students Katie Shen and Alina Tian recently was on display at The Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore. Their organic mandalas appeared in the “Honoring the Process Exhibit.”

Seventh-grade artists Arden Johnson, Garrett Donnelly, Sydney Lynott, Dylan Bena, Avyan Illapakurthy and Adam Zhang had their work exhibited in the Board of Education building. The students’ cell biology origami boxes will be on display in the Seventh-Grade Showcase through Jan. 31.