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Letter: Councilwoman Jung needs to understand Merriweather noise complaints

Has Councilwoman Deb Jung been living under a rock in the last six years?

Does she know that many attended what we thought at the time was a productive meeting with city, county and state officials in September 2016 about the noise from Merriweather Post Pavilion and how to turn the volume and vibrations down?


If Woodstock 50 had occurred, was she really optimistic that as long “everyone stays safe and treats our neighborhood with respect” it would have been OK?

While some sit on their decks to listen to free noise, does she understand the noise nuisance and, for some, the walls shaking that MPP is to a lot of residents around Columbia and beyond?


I don’t believe Ms. Jung has been paying attention to her district one bit, yet she ran to help all, not just a few.

Out-of-town corporations and individuals have taken over Columbia right under our noses and a lot of residents, by what I understand from some neighbors, have no idea what’s happening around MPP and what all those buildings are about now and what’s yet to come.

Maria Alvarez