Letters: After-school soccer club a success; Howard needs plastic bag ban; and more from readers

Letters: After-school soccer club a success; Howard needs plastic bag ban; and more from readers
Talbott Spring Elementary School in Columbia. (Karl Ferron / The Baltimore Sun / Baltimore Sun)
Thankful for soccer club’s after-school program

I am writing this letter to express my deep gratitude to Tim Ryerson, Amanda Buckler and the staff of the Ellicott City Soccer Club for providing 19 students at Talbott Springs Elementary School with the opportunity to play soccer as part of the Ellicott City Soccer Club’s Get on the Bus after-school soccer program.

GOTB provided unique access for our students to learn soccer from a “real” coach and to play “official” soccer games with peers as part of a team. Ellicott City Soccer’s GOTB program included homework time, instruction in exercise and nutrition, a bus ride to the field for soccer practice and a bus ride back to Talbott Springs Elementary.


In addition, our students received snacks, all gear necessary to play soccer (including shoes, uniforms and a soccer ball) and the opportunity to play in Saturday games with the Ellicott City Soccer Club. The gifts of time, gear and a chance to belong as members of a team were received with enthusiasm and gratitude by the TSES students.

It is such an honor to be partnered with a local organization that encourages inclusion for all children without attaching criteria for transportation, the expense of equipment and a payment for participation. “Coach Jack” and other members of the Ellicott City Soccer Club staff helped our students to feel valued simply because they wanted to engage in a sport that speaks to their passion. Participation and membership in a team sport such as soccer is not an option for many of the students at our school.

Thank you to the Ellicott City Soccer Club’s GOTB program opening a window of hope by offering a vision, talent, time, a cheerful welcome and resources to Talbott Springs Elementary School students.

Nancy Thompson

Principal, Talbott Springs Elementary School

Howard needs ban on plastic bags

Your article “Restaurants accepting of ban on foam containers” (July 11) made me very happy and hopeful! A year ago I wrote a letter (July 12, 2018) suggesting a ban on the free plastic bags at supermarkets in Howard County and imposing a tax per bag when they are badly needed as a last resort, pointing to the successful example of Washington, D.C., and Montgomery County where the results were cleaner river and stream banks and public areas.

A few months after my letter published, there was discussion among several organizations and offices — some showed concern that the ban (and bag tax) would hit low-income people, but using Metrobus regularly to get to work I see everyday people with heavy duty reusable bags perfectly happy that their onetime small investment brings a better environment to live.

So, cost is not an issue. Then, what are we waiting for?

Every day we see pictures of dead or crippled sea animals due to plastic trash; if this is not horrible enough, in more selfish terms — the fish eat the micro-plastic particles and we eat the fish. Can the fourth-richest and -sophisticated county in U.S. perform the small civic duty of banning the grocery plastic bags (and the straws)?

Daniela Power


The government should be protecting citizens

Imagine the following scenarios:

1. Sam Smith assaults John Jones and steals $200 from him. Smith gives $67 of that to an old lady in need. When Jones files charges, Smith denounces Jones for lacking compassion for the old lady.

2. Squatters break into your home and state they will live there from now on, with you paying all their bills. You call the police to have them removed, but they report being overwhelmed with similar calls and tell you to put up with them. The squatters then complain that you are not being hospitable enough.


The Rev. Dr. Robert A.F. Turner (July 11) conveniently forgets Scripture passages such as Romans 13:1-7 and I Peter 2:13-14, which tell us to obey civil authorities, unless they directly contradict God’s commands. Scripturally and constitutionally, the function of government is to protect its citizens and to punish evildoers within the society. Rev. Turner’s letter does not refer to invited guests; it refers to people illegally invading our country.

Genuine hospitality is when we voluntarily invite people to our homes. These people are forcing their way in, violating our laws. By one statistic, they are killing an average of 25 of our citizens each day (9,100 per year), as well as bringing in drugs and increased crime. Some three-quarters of the women making their way here get raped. Smugglers provide forged documents, and bring children along to act as fraudulent “families.” The children are then taken back by the smugglers, to be used again in fraudulent “families” (human trafficking). These invaders also bring in diseases that had been eradicated in our country, to which we no longer have natural immunity, and often in multi-drug-resistant strains. Further, they depress wages for our citizens, and balkanize our country.

Genuine compassion is when we voluntarily give of our own time and resources. In this case, hard-left politicians and globalists are forcibly taxing us to pay their bills, expecting the invaders to favor them. When done privately, this is extortion and bribery. Further, we must work to earn the money to pay the taxes to pay their bills. That means we are being forced to perform involuntary servitude, a.k.a. slavery. Some of us have paid even higher prices, death or crippling due to the actions of these invaders, or the diseases they brought with them.

Nothing about this is compassionate. We never voted for any of it. It was simply imposed on us.

Ninety percent of the asylum claims turn out to be bogus. Also, please stop this “undocumented immigrant” nonsense. When someone steals money from a bank, the police do not go after the thief for having made “an undocumented withdrawal.” They go after the thief for robbery.

There already is a pathway to citizenship for those who enter our country legally. As for us being a nation of immigrants, so is every other nation. Does anyone think that in France, India or China, one night the animals went to sleep with the area uninhabited, and the next morning, when they woke up, the people were suddenly there, with their cultures fully formed? No one argues that those nations do not have a right to defend their borders.

Rev. Turner, Jon Weinstein (July 11) and County Executive Calvin Ball should ask themselves: If they deliberately institute a policy to violate federal law, why should anyone else obey any other law? Finally, consider the message they send to those patiently waiting to enter our country legally: “You’re stupid chumps!”

Thomas M. Crawford