Two Laurel police officers and members of the fire department rescued a woman who had climbed 25 feet into a tree and refused to come down early Thursday morning.

Police said she was having trouble holding onto a branch in the 20-degree weather.


“We don’t have a good reason for why she was in the tree; it appears she was intoxicated,” said Laura Guenin, a Laurel police spokeswoman.

The two officers who responded to the unit block of Second Street around 3 a.m. took measures to ensure the woman’s safety in case she fell or jumped, police said.

According to police, Erik Eagle, of the Laurel Police Department, climbed the tree to grab hold of the woman and prevent her from falling.

While police initially responded, the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department was later called for assistance and eventually, together, Eagle and firefighters lowered the woman to safety.

The woman was transported and treated at a local hospital. Laurel police had no update on her condition as of 4:45 p.m. Thursday.

“The work of a police officer calls for different actions each day, not just enforcement related actions, but even more importantly, human actions where the men and women of law enforcement step into harms way to protect others; to protect people they don’t know from danger,” Laurel Police Chief Russ Hamill said in a statement.

“I am very proud of the actions of these officers and thankful they were able to lead this incident to a positive outcome. They are to be commended for their selfless devotion to protecting our community.”