While children gear up for a Halloween night filled with candy and fun, Howard police are also preparing for Thursday evening by offering safety tips for parents and residents.

Police have prepared for trick-or-treating by conducting a compliance check of all registered sex offenders in the county.


Howard detectives have accounted for all 109 registered county sex offenders and “all are in compliance with reporting requirements of the registry,” a Wednesday news release states. Parents can check the Maryland Sex Offender Registry linked on the police department’s home page to reference when mapping out trick-or-treat routes

“The goal of the sweep was to identify anyone in violation and to remind registered sex offenders that they are discouraged from participating in trick-or-treating,” the release states.

Police will be alert for theft, vandalism, destruction of property and drunk or impaired drivers. Speed enforcement activities will also be in place.

Safety tips

  • Encourage children to trick-or-treat before dark and go with a group. When it becomes night, an adult chaperone should choose well-lit streets and carry a flashlight.
  • Children’s costumes should be short, snug, flame retardant, and either be light-colored or children should wear reflective tape and should avoid masks that obstruct vision.
  • Children should be taught to never go inside a stranger’s home or car.
  • Never eat opened candy and all treats should be inspected by parents.
  • Children should not take shortcuts through alleys, backyards or playing fields.
  • Parents/guardians should not let children approach dark/non-lit homes.
  • Drivers should drive slow and be vigilant.
  • If handing out candy, residents should have outside lights on and remove any objects that could be hazardous.