Ahead of first day, Fulton Elementary has enrolled over 1,000 students with other schools not far behind

Six Howard County elementary schools are inching toward or have reached 1,000 students ahead of the first day of school.

On Aug. 2, Fulton Elementary School administration sent out an email to its school community announcing more than 1,000 students have enrolled.


Five other elementary schools are in the mid- to high-800 range of enrolled students, including Elkridge, Hollifield Station, Pointers Run, Veterans and Waverly.

While Fulton has more students enrolling each day, “we assure you that we are fully prepared and have created procedures and processes to ensure safety and efficiency while maintaining a rigorous instructional program that meets the varying needs of all of our students,” school administration said in the email.


Fulton’s increased enrollment has led to having four additional classrooms come September. The classrooms include kindergarten, first grade, second grade and fifth grade.

The school has capacity for 826 students, not including the 10 portables on the grounds. Last summer, a nine-classroom portable was added in anticipation for the increased enrollment, according to Brian Bassett, a schools spokesman.

Fifth grade and Gifted and Talented classes moved into the new portable for the 2018-2019 school year, Bassett said. The four new classrooms for September will be inside Fulton Elementary.

As of the June 28 enrollment report, Elkridge had 878 students enrolled with a building capacity of 760 students and four portables; Hollifield Station had 873 students enrolled with a capacity for 732 students and six portables, three being added this summer. Pointers Run’s capacity is 744 students with nine portables and had 882 students enrolled as of June 28. Veterans had 873 students enrolled in June and had five portables and a building capacity of 799 students; Waverly had 855 students enrolled with a capacity of 788 students and five portables.

These numbers reflect students enrolled between kindergarten and fifth grade. Elkridge, Pointers Run, Veterans and Waverly also have pre-school classes. However, enrollment numbers do not include pre-school.

The next enrollment report will be recorded at either the end of September or the beginning of October. However, the school system uses Sept. 30 each year as a marker to record the final enrollment numbers for each school.

The schools are still having students register, meaning the enrollment numbers change every day, Bassett said.

Even if a school becomes crowded, class sizes do not increase, Bassett said.

  • Kindergarten: 3,967
  • First grade: 4,138
  • Second grade: 4,196
  • Third grade: 4,329
  • Fourth grade: 4,339
  • Fifth grade: 4,478

The school system is projecting an additional 850 students across all grade levels will be enrolled this fall.

In January, the Howard Board of Education approved for Superintendent Michael Martirano to embark on a comprehensive redistricting process for the 2020-21 academic year.

Martirano will present his redistricting plan — that has the potential to affect the district’s 74 comprehensive schools — at the Aug. 20 school board meeting.


The school board is slated to approve the redistricting plan in November.

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