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Hundreds of horses and tractors from Howard, Carroll farms will parade through Lisbon Saturday in Christmas fundraising effort

The Great Lisbon Farmers Feed The Hungry Christmas Parade, featuring festively decorated tractors driven by local farmers, returns to Lisbon Saturday. The tractors will be followed by up to 250 horses driven and ridden down Old National Road. Proceeds from the parade help support area residents in need.

Presented by the Howard County Farm Bureau, in partnership with the Carroll County Farm Bureau, the parade will benefit Carroll County Food Sunday, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, the Howard County Food Bank and the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company.


Beginning in 2011 as the Lisbon Christmas Horse Parade, the parade has grown to include carriages, horses and riders, as well as local farmers. During the past decade, the parade has raised more than $150,000 through sponsorships from local businesses.

Parade watchers also donate hundreds of pounds of nonperishable food each year that is donated to the community. Non-perishable canned food can be dropped off in large bins along the parade route.


In 2021, the parade raised about $24,500, of which $7,400.90 was donated to the Howard County Food Bank, $7,400.90 to Carroll County Food Sunday, $4,933.94 to Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry, and $4,933.93 to the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company.

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This year, the parade hopes to raise more than $25,000, organizers said.

“Even in Howard County where we’re supposed to be No. 3 in median household income, there are pockets of people in need,” said Alice Settle-Raskin, 63, of Woodbine, who has served as the parade’s communications and marketing coordinator for about seven years. “Hopefully what we’re doing is alleviating some of that.”

The parade begins at noon. For more information about parking and the parade route, visit