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Unwanted cars find new life in Howard County fire and rescue training sessions

The Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services announced that it is seeking donations of unwanted vehicles. The donations will help firefighters and emergency services personnel train and prepare for real life incidents that involve motor vehicles, according to a news release.

Donated vehicles will be used in training for personnel in the department’s fire and rescue classes, according to Fire and Rescue Department Public Information Officer Samantha Stanton.


During training, firefighters participate in a vehicle machinery and extrication course that provides hands-on instruction on how to remove people from common passenger vehicles, simple small machines, commercial or heavy vehicles and heavy machinery.

Stanton said vehicle donations will help ensure a safer community.


“Having those vehicles makes our community safer because [firefighters] are able to practice those skills before they would actually need to rescue someone from an actual vehicle crash,” she said.

The benefits of donating an old car include a tax deduction, free towing of the car (if it is in the county or within a reasonable distance) and knowing you have provided an invaluable training opportunity for the department, Stanton said.

To donate a car, email with the location of the vehicle and a phone number.