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Howard County police news from Sept. 3-10

The following is compiled from Howard County police reports. Descriptions of perpetrators are included only when the description makes identification possible.

East Columbia

Columbia 100 Parkway, 8400 block, Sept. 8-9. Tires stolen from three vehicles.


Thunder Hill Road, 5800 block, 2:53 p.m. Sept. 8. Police responded to a report of an assault and located a juvenile male with cut wounds. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. Through investigation, police identified the assailant and arrested him.

Old Dobbin Lane, 6100 block, Sept. 7-8. Vehicle break-in; unknown if anything stolen.


Snowden River Parkway, 9400 block, Sept. 4-5. Battery stolen from vehicle.

West Columbia

Tolling Bells Court, 6900 block, Sept. 6-7. 2020 Land Range Rover stolen.

Columbia Road, 4900 block, Sept. 6. Ford Transit Van stolen and recovered.

Columbia Road, 4900 block, Sept. 5-6. Charger stolen from vehicle.

Oslo Court, 5900 block, Sept. 5. Entry gained to attached garage. Two bicycles stolen.

Rosinante Run, 5900 block, Sept. 4. Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle.

Winter Rose Path, 7000 block, Sept. 3. Wallet stolen from vehicle.

Twin Knolls Road, 5400 block, Sept. 2-3. Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle.



Dorsey Run Road, 7000 block, Sept. 8-9. Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle.

Pine Road, 8600 block, Sept. 8. Silver Toyota Corolla stolen.

Slipknot Ally, 7400 block, Sept. 5-6. Wallet stolen from vehicle.

Santa Barbara Road, 6600 block, Sept. 3-4. Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle.

Ellicott City

Pine Orchard Lane, 3100 block, Sept. 8-9. Tires stolen from vehicle.

Plumtree Drive, 3500 block, Sept. 7-8. Tires stolen from vehicle.

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Meadowridge Road, 6000 block, 4:18 a.m. Sept. 5. Entry attempted to business by cutting chain off front door.

Cotoneaster Drive, 8400 block, 4:58 p.m. Sept. 3. Entry attempted to apartment.

Harbin Court, 9700 block, 10:12 a.m. Sept. 3. Entry gained to residence. Nothing reported stolen.

Windpower Way, 4900 block, Sept. 2-3. 2006 silver Honda Civic stolen.


Graeloch Road, 10500 block, Sept. 6-7. 2017 blue Acura MDX stolen.

Deer Run, 9800 block, Sept. 3. Vehicle break-in; unclear if anything stolen.