Ellicott City convenience store owners fined $250

The owners of an Ellicott City convenience store were fined $250 Wednesday for selling beer to an underage police agent who showed his actual driver's license to the clerk.

Sanjay Kumar Sureshchandra Choksai and Rakesh Kumar Chandrandan Shah did not contest charges brought by Howard County police Detective Mark Baxter, the county's liquor inspector. In a statement of facts, they acknowledged that on March 12 at 2 p.m., a clerk sold a six-pack of beer to a 20-year-old man sent into the store by Baxter, even though the clerk examined his driver's license showing his true age. The store is in the 9000 block of Frederick Road.

The owners told the county's Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board that the employee made "an honest mistake," and they have redoubled their efforts to avoid further errors.


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