Substitute charged with sexual abuse taught at 70 Howard County public schools

​​​​​​A substitute teacher who was arrested last month on charges of child sexual abuse in Montgomery County had worked at 70 Howard County public schools — nearly every school in the district — in the last six years, the Howard County school officials said Wednesday night.

Steven Katz, 59, of Columbia, turned himself in to Montgomery County police on March 16, after a student at Cloverly Elementary School in Silver Spring told his parents that Katz had touched him in a way that made him feel uncomfortable, authorities said.


After learning of the charges, Howard County Public Schools Interim Superintendent Michael J. Martirano told parents in a letter in March that Katz had taught in at least 43 different schools in the district in the past two years. The revelation this week that he'd taught at 33 more schools meant he'd worked at all but six schools in the district.

Katz was required to undergo a criminal background check, have his fingerprints taken and submit to a detailed reference check to become a Howard County substitute.


His attorney, Robert C. Bonsib, said the sheer number of schools where Katz worked without receiving any other complaints will help vindicate him.

A substitute teacher arrested Friday for inappropriately touching a Montgomery County student also subbed in Howard County schools. No formal complaints have been filed against him here.

"It is significant considering the number of schools he has taught at over the number of years he has taught that there have been no other complaints," Bonsib said. "That fact supports his denials of the allegations against him in Montgomery County."

Martirano shared the full list of schools and the years (listed below) and resources for families, including the phone numbers for Montgomery County Police: 240-773-5400, and Howard County Police: 410-313-2630.

"The principals of these schools have been notified and each will reach out directly to their school community," Martirano wrote in a message to parents. "Because many students who may have come into contact with Mr. Katz during those years have by now moved on to middle or high school, the other schools in the feeder pattern have been notified as well."


Schools where Steven Katz taught between 2012 and 2018:

  1. Atholton Elementary School (2012-18)
  2. Bellows Spring Elementary School (2012-15)
  3. Bollman Bridge Elementary School (2012-18)
  4. Bryant Woods Elementary School (2012-18)
  5. Bushy Park Elementary School (2012-18)
  6. Centennial Lane Elementary School (2012-15)
  7. Clarksville Elementary School (2012-18)
  8. Clemens Crossing Elementary School (2012-15)
  9. Cradlerock Elementary School (2012-18)
  10. Dayton Oaks Elementary School (2012-18)
  11. Deep Run Elementary School (2012-15)
  12. Ducketts Lane Elementary School (2012-18)
  13. Elkridge Elementary School (2012-15)
  14. Forest Ridge Elementary School (2012-15)
  15. Fulton Elementary School (2012-18)
  16. Gorman Crossing Elementary School (2012-18)
  17. Guilford Elementary School (2012-18)
  18. Hammond Elementary School (2012-18)
  19. Hollified Station Elementary School (2012-15)
  20. Ilchester Elementary School (2012-18)
  21. Jeffers Hill Elementary School (2012-15)
  22. Laurel Woods Elementary School (2012-15)
  23. Lisbon Elementary School (2016-18)
  24. Longfellow Elementary School (2012-18)
  25. Manor Woods Elementary School (2012-18)
  26. Northfield Elementary School (2012-15)
  27. Phelps Luck Elementary School (2012-15)
  28. Pointers Run Elementary School (2012-18)
  29. Rockburn Elementary School (2012-18)
  30. Running Brook Elementary School (2012-18)
  31. St. John’s Lane Elementary School (2012-15)
  32. Stevens Forest Elementary School (2012-18)
  33. Swansfield Elementary School (2012-18)
  34. Talbott Springs Elementary School (2012-15)
  35. Thunder Hill Elementary School (2012-15)
  36. Triadelphia Elementary School (2012-18)
  37. Veterans Elementary School (2012-15)
  38. Waterloo Elementary School (2012-15)
  39. Waverly Elementary School (2012-18)
  40. West Friendship Elementary School (2012-18)
  41. Worthington Elementary School (2012-18)
  42. Bonnie Branch Middle School (2012-18)
  43. Dunloggin Middle School (2016-18)
  44. Elkridge Landing Middle School (2012-15)
  45. Ellicott Mills Middle School (2016-18)
  46. Folly Quarter Middle School (2012-18)
  47. Hammond Middle School (2012-15)
  48. Harpers Choice Middle School (2012-18)
  49. Lake Elkhorn Middle School (2012-15)
  50. Lime Kiln Middle School (2016-18)
  51. Mayfield Woods Middle School (2016-18)
  52. Mount View Middle School (2016-18)
  53. Murray Hill Middle School (2012-18)
  54. Oakland Mills Middle School (2012-18)
  55. Patapsco Middle School (2012-18)
  56. Patuxent Valley Middle School (2012-15)
  57. Wilde Lake Middle School (2012-16)
  58. Atholton High School (2012-18)
  59. Centenniel High School (2012-15)
  60. Glenelg High School (2016-18)
  61. Hammond High School (2012-18)
  62. Howard High School (2012-18)
  63. Long Reach High School (2012-15)
  64. Marriotts Ridge High School (2012-15)
  65. Mt. Hebron Ridge High School (2012-15)
  66. Oakland Mills High School (2012-15)
  67. Reservoir High School (2012-18)
  68. River Hill High School (2012-15)
  69. Wilde Lake High School (2012-15)
  70. Homewood (2012-15)

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