This is the weekly fresh food basket menu and what's in store for Thanksgiving, from the Friends and Farms folks. Philip Gottwals, left, and Greg Zotti are shown in the background. Gottwals of Columbia and Tim Hosking of Baltimore co-founded Friends and Farms in Columbia this summer to work with regional farmers, bakers, etc. to get their fresh foods into consumers' hands with minimal trucking. Their misson, (according to their website) is to offer weekly food baskets containing fresh produce, meat, dairy and seafood from regional suppliers, all year round. Our suppliers have a commitment to good agricultural practices and sustainability, as well as a commitment to providing food to us. In essence, we bring the farm closer to you by sourcing directly from the farmers, makers and bakers in this region. Our job is to then take our finds, package them up, and ensure they end up on your table as soon as possible and with minimal storage and handling.
Gene Sweeney Jr., Baltimore Sun
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