Best Interior Designer/Decorator: Billee Smith Designs

To Billee Smith, color is an essential part of the design process. That’s why when working with clients who are remodeling, decorating a new home or just refreshing a room, the Havre de Grace designer starts with a palette.

Smith looks for colors that match or complement everything from the clients’ favorite decor items to the clothes they are wearing.
“It dictates what to add next, like accessories and art,” she says.
And color doesn’t have to mean big, bright hues. Tone-on-tone neutrals can work just as easily.
“The walls can be cream, the woodwork bright white, the floors soft beige and the furniture off-white beige,” she says. “The pillows can add pops of color.”
For 22 years, Smith has provided design services to clients in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Her goal is to make designs specific to the home and classic so they will stand the test of time, she says.
“Your home is a conversation piece, and it should be,” Smith says.
Since 2000, she has also decorated several rooms in the Chesapeake Cancer Alliance’s decorator show houses, helping the alliance raise money for cancer research.