At Abingdon's MWFitness, Kangoo Jumps takes workouts to new heights

Kangoo Jumps is a fitness class using bouncy boots for a high-intensity cardio dance workout. (Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun video)

Before she first strapped on the bounce boots, Abingdon resident Becky Burns, 45, didn’t think it would end well.

“I thought for sure that I would fall flat on my face,” Burns says.


But the boots — low-impact shoes with specialty elastic “launch pads” attached to the bottom — gave her and others at Abingdon’s MWFitness a spring in their step.

“It’s not as scary as it seems at first. I was completely wrong about feeling unstable,” Burns says of wearing the boots at a new Kangoo Jumps exercise class. “It’s an amazing cardio workout and really tones my core without putting the impact on my knees.”


Amy Willis, the Kangoo Jumps instructor at MWFitness, first heard about the trend about six years ago when she was watching a television news clip.

“I thought that it looked like the most fun thing ever, so I told my family right then and there that I knew what I wanted for Christmas,” says Willis, 55.

The PowerWall first went up at the gym in April and has been challenging members ever since.

Willis started taking classes with her new boots and became certified to teach it about two years ago. She says that while it can be daunting at first, those looking to try it should jump in.

“Just watching it can be intimidating, but when you put the boots, on they’re very easy to use,” Willis says. “There’s no learning curve, but there is trusting curve. You have to trust the boots. You’re not going to fall unless you actually throw yourself on the floor.”

The class includes dance moves, similar to a Zumba class, but also includes floor exercises like planks. There’s a running component to the class as well.

Willis says that it’s a multi-system, high-intensity workout that is not only working your cardiovascular system but working your muscles, which can help with bone structure and preventing osteoporosis.

Aberdeen resident Megan Konetzki grew up taking ice skating lessons, so it was only natural that she’d sign her kids up for skating at Ice World. She never expected she’d be lacing up a pair of skates again.

Kangoo was one of the first classes offered at MWFitness when it opened its doors last June.

“I wanted something different,” says owner Mandi Wurm. “I wanted things that were new, challenging and interesting, and Kangoo definitely was one of those things.”

The bounce boots can be rented for $8 per class; MWFitness charges $7 for a drop-in class, or class pass rates of five for $30 or 10 for $45.

Ashley Myers, 29, decided to try Kangoo after winning a free class pass from an MWFitness event. The Abingdon resident quickly found out that it was what was missing from her workout routine.

“I might have been a little skeptical at first, but within the first five minutes it had me hooked, and I wanted to buy my first pair of boots within the first class,” Myers says.

Kangoo Jumps at MWFitness


Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

3709 Pulaski Highway, Suite 1, Abingdon

410-671-5544, mwfitcrew.com

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