Track and field teams ready to run, jump, throw

Spring's arrival is good news for Harford County's high school track and field teams, who have been steadily at it since the beginning of the month. Here's a look at each team.



Head coaches: Kyle Brown and John Mobley

Top returning girls: Chloe Cooper, junior (Jumps); Amaree Yates, senior (Sprints); Devonna Jennings, senior (Throws); Aliya Poblete, junior (Sprints/mid-dist); Briana Gibson, junior (Sprints), Key newcomers: Kristen Spencer, sophomore (Hurdles/sprints); Elaina Birch, senior (Sprints); Camille Small, junior (Hurdles/sprints)


Top returning boys: Elijah Johnson, senior (Throws); Otto Wilson, junior (Mid-dist); Daniel Foster, sophomore (Mid-dist); Sean Starkloff, sophomore (Mid-dist); Jayden Stevens, junior (Sprints); Keion Brown, junior (Sprints); Marquiss Griggs, senior (Sprints). Key newcomers: Jayden Gaulden-Saddler, senior (Multi-events); Kenny Festerman, sophomore (Jumps/sprints)

Outlook: Losses to graduation were heavy for the boys' team, which last year won the UCBAC. The 2016 girls' team, in contrast, experienced one of its worst seasons in recent memory. The coaches see a resurgence this year, however, with a group of promising newcomers on both teams.

Bel Air

Head coach: Connie Forster

Top returning girls: Moriah Greene, senior (Sprints); Paige Blaker, junior (Mid-dist); Alina Nagornyuk, senior (Vault)

Key newcomers: Shelby Hay, freshman (Mid-dist); Rebecca Cross, freshman (Mid-dist); Lydia Cross, junior (Hurdles)

Top returning boys: Kieran McDermott, junior (Mid-dist); Ethan Gray, junior (Mid-dist). Key newcomers: Caleb Zylka, freshman (Dist); Ravi Johnson, freshman (Dist)

Outlook: The Bobcats lost a lot of sprint strength to graduation, but return a strong team after finishing second in the boys and fourth in the girls scoring in the UCBAC meet last year.

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Donnie Mickey

Top returning girls: Christina Riggins, senior (Sprints); Alecia Rotunno, senior (Sprints); Sydney Gray, senior (Sprints); Lindsay Stevenson, senior (Mid-dist); Jessica Rogers, junior (Dist); Keira Brown, sophomore (Dist); Julia Palmer, sophomore (Dist). Key newcomers: Lindsay Perry, freshman (Dist); Hannah Beegle, freshman (Dist); Jordyn Powers, freshman (Dist)

Top returning boys: Ian Fink, senior (Jumps/hurdles); Cam Harrison, senior (Mid-dist); Tim Phu, sophomore (Sprints); Francis Roden, senior (Dist); Brandon Cruz, senior (Dist); Ethan Hendricks, senior (Vault); Jack Van Syckle, junior (Throws). Key newcomers: Peter Capozzoli, freshman (Dist); Kenny King, senior (Sprints); Falan Laguerre, freshman (Throws); Greg Roden, freshman (Dist)


Outlook: The Mustang girls have outstanding returnees, including three all-county performers; they have the potential to retain their UCBAC crown. The boys lost their top point-scorer from their seventh-place team of 2016.


Head coaches: Donald Smith and Jerry Henderson.

Top returning girls: Rachel Goldsborough, senior (Dist); Ellie Cachiaras, senior (Sprints/mid-dist); Nia Hammett, junior (Sprints); Katie Figinski, sophomore (400/800); Anna Decker, freshman (Dist); Naomi Karmel, junior (Dist). Key newcomer: Anna Decker, freshman (Dist)

Top returning boys: Tristan Lomax, senior (Sprints/mid-dist); Ryan Burgess, senior (Jumps/mid-dist); Christian McDowell, senior (Sprints/jumps); Andrew Serrano, junior (Dist); Jody Skaggs, junior (Jumps); Kevin Roland, freshman (Mid-dist). Key newcomer: Jaquez Torian, senior (Sprints)

Outlook:. Both boys and girls teams appear better balanced in all events this year. The boys' team, led by Jaquez Torian, a transfer from North Carolina, is strongest in the sprints. The strength of the girls team, fourth last year in the UCBAC, is in the longer running events.


Head coach: Mike Hollandsworth

Top returning girls: Madison Watson, senior (Sprints); Meaghan Moran, senior (Sprints); Julianna Stevens, junior (Mid-dist); Nicole Hondrogiannis, senior (Dist); Natalie Kassir, senior (Mid-dist)

Top returning boys: Nick Penn, senior (Sprints); Dominic Rodano, senior (Hurdles/mid-dist); Jordan Weininger, senior (Sprints); Jameson O'Donald, sophomore (Mid-dist); Jacob Heiland, senior (Dist); Nick Fabula, junior (Dist); Jay Pomplon, junior (Dist); Colin Akins, junior (Jumps). Key newcomers: Giles Daly, freshman (Dist); Russell Davis, freshman (Dist); Joe Snee, senior (Sprints)

Outlook: The Cougars have strong returning seniors and promising newcomers, particularly in distance events, and should improve on last year's finish in the conference.

Harford Tech

Head coaches: Darrell Diamond and Meghan McGowan

Top returning girls: Ann Luna, senior (Hurdles/sprints); Regina Ogbonna, senior (Throws); Tiahna Mitchell, senior (Sprints/jumps); Breyana McWhite, junior (Throws); Samaiya Ellison, junior (Jumps/sprints); Morgan Dean, sophomore (Dist); Beyonce Kelly, sophomore (Jumps/hurdles); Courtney Cannon, sophomore (400/800); Petronilla Onyebadi, sophomore (Sprints); Kiana Mack, sophomore (Hurdles). Key newcomers: Payton Lynch, junior (Vault/jumps); Olivia Ogbonna, sophomore (Hurdles); Jasmine Gross, freshman (Hurdles); Tara Orzech, freshman (Dist); Stephanie Taylor, freshman (Dist); Quren Santiago, freshman (Mid-dist); Erin Haviland, freshman (Hurdles); Alex Hibler, freshman (Throws); Sandrea Nyivih, freshman (Throws)

Top returning boys: Sam Heman-ackah, senior (Hurdles); Clement Onyebadi, senior (Jumps/hurdles); Shriram Hegde, junior (Mid-dist); Max Rodriguez, junior (Jumps); Anthony McKinzie, sophomore (Mid-dist); Shannon Dooley, sophomore (Dist); Kaya Simpson, sophomore (Hurdles/jumps); Jacob Clendaniel, sophomore (Dist); James Feeser, sophomore (Mid-dist). Key newcomers: Amarr Chambers, sophomore (Sprints/jumps); Daron Taylor, freshman (Mid-dist); Zachary Taylor, freshman (Mid-dist); Enoch Wiredu, freshman (Sprints/hurdles); Jalen Cunningham, freshman (Hurdles/jumps); Trevor Young, freshman (Hurdles/jumps); Bassi Sukhminder, freshman (Mid-dist)

Outlook: Third in the UCBAC last year, the tech girls' team is again very strong. Both teams have a good mix of veterans and newcomers, including five returning all-county performers.

Havre de Grace


Head coaches: Bill Walsh and Jerry Lee


Top returning girls: Selena Lamb, sophomore (Jumps/sprints); Christina Parker, senior (Jumps/sprints); Kayla Sumpter, sophomore (Jumps/sprints); Alexia Day, sophomore (Hurdles). Key newcomers: Serena Minix, senior (Throws); Skylar Rupe, freshman (Sprints/vault)

Top returning boys: Will Ashman, senior (Hurdles/sprints); Jordan Day, junior (Hurdles/sprints); Rashon Bray, junior (Jumps/sprints); Casey Moore, junior (Dist); Kenny Bracen, senior (Throws); Freddy Wills, sophomore (Sprints). Key newcomers: Prince Cozart, junior (Throws); Simeon Stephens, junior (Jumps); Manny McFarland, senior (Jumps); Drake Puffenbarger, junior (Throws)

Outlook: Fifth in the UCBAC last year, the boys team lost 15 to graduation, but could be better overall in field events, sprints and hurdles. The girls' team, though smaller, should be improved in the field events and sprints.

John Carroll

Head coaches: Rob Torres and Mike Monaghan

Top returning girls: Ashlee Kothenbeutel, junior (Sprints/hurdles); Chika Chuku, junior (Sprints/hurdles); Adria Pirozzi, senior (Dist); Rosemary Gillam, junior (Dist/high jump); Taylor Brewer, senior (Sprints/hurdles); Stephanie Imbierowicz, senior (Sprints/hurdles); Emily Stancliff, senior (Dist); Laura Amrhein, junior (Dist)

Top returning boys: Bryan Stancliff, sophomore (Dist); Wyatt Moran, sophomore (Dist); Alexander Kirkland, sophomore (Dist); Ayo Bodison, sophomore (Sprints/jumps); Niko Rice, senior (Sprints/high jump); Dave Pajerowski, junior (Sprints/hurdles/vault); Druw Van Der Werff, junior (Throws). Key newcomers: Jack Plumer, sophomore (Dist); Malik Scott, freshman (Sprints)

Outlook: Both teams lost outstanding performers to graduation. The girls remain strong in the hurdles and dashes, and the boys are strong in distance events and some field events.


Coaches: Charles Johnson, James Murray, Erica Kelly, Michelle Watson and Shannon Ham Alston.

Top returning girls: Natori Blackman, junior (Sprints); Asia Holland, junior (Sprints); Haley Taylor, junior (Dist); India Springfield, junior (Sprints); Doreena Hairston, sophomore (Sprints). Key newcomers: Troyannshae Moore, freshman (Sprints); Amya Hill, junior (Sprints)

Top returning boys: Aaron Fullard, junior (Sprints); Chauncey Murray, senior (Sprints); Corey Adams, senior (Throws); Noah Ward, senior (Throws); Jaylen McNeely, junior (Dist)

Outlook: Numbers are up, boosted by several promising newcomers, and the coaching staff is optimistic about the new season.

North Harford

Head coach: Anne Scott

Top returning girls: Charece Michel, senior (Sprints/high jump); Valarie Taylor, senior (Dist); Cassidy Chandler, sophomore (Sprints/vault); Courtney Klapka, senior (Dist). Key newcomers: Diana Woosley, freshman (Dist); Jordan Tidey, freshman (Sprints)

Top returning boys: Ben Nardi, senior (Dist); Mike Frontera, junior (Throws); Josh Carver, junior (Sprints). Key newcomers: Ethan Sweaney, freshman (Dist); Justin Grave, freshman (Sprints)

Outlook: A young team with several promising newcomers, the Hawks are strongest in the distance events and pole vault.

Patterson Mill

Head coaches: Mike Parker (girls) and Qadry Ismail (boys)

Top returning girls: Ashley Betz, sophomore (Dist); Chyna Latimer, senior (Sprints/jumps); Kate Eckart, senior (Mid-dist); Khayla Mitchell, senior (Sprints); Marrissa Lapinsky, junior (Mid-dist); Madison Morton, senior (Hurdles)

Top returning boys: Qadry Ismail, senior (Throws/sprints); Pierce Monroe, senior (Sprints); Tom Kraus, senior (Vault/mid-dist); Brendan McCully, sophomore (Vault); Sam Brosh, senior (Dist); Matt Funk, junior (Dist)

Outlook: The girls' team returns several who propelled the Huskies to fourth place in the 2016 Class 2A state meet, their best state track meet performance in the school's history. Both teams appear likely to improve on their 2016 finishes in the UCBAC.

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