Harford County girls basketball teams ready for new season

A season ago, the C. Milton Wright Mustangs reached the state semifinal round. Will Harford County send a team to the state tournament this season?
A season ago, the C. Milton Wright Mustangs reached the state semifinal round. Will Harford County send a team to the state tournament this season? (The Aegis file photo)

The hardwood is alive as Harford County high school girls basketball teams have been preparing for the new season. Here’s a look at this year’s teams that include seven new head coaches.



Head coach- Scott Hubbard (first season)

2017-18 record: N/A


Top returning players: Jaelyn DeVeaux (PG), Senior; Tristan DeVeaux (F), Junior; Anija Stancell (G), Senior; LaKerra Cooper (F), Junior

Key new players: Cassandra Smith (F), Sophomore; Ramazajah Ramsey (PG), Junior

Outlook: This year's team has seven returning players and the Eagles are going to look to push the tempo on the offensive end, according to first year coach Hubbard. Rebounding the basketball on both the offense and defensive ends will be a key to the team's success this season.

Bel Air


Head coach: Calvin Skelton (13th season)

2017-18 record: 12-12

Top returning players: Bailey Springer (F), Senior; Grace Wehland (G/F), Senior; Autumn Dougherty (G), Senior; Maggi Hall (F), Junior

Key new players: Emma Sanza (G), Sophomore; Mackenzie Springer (G), Freshman

Outlook: This year's Lady Bobcat basketball team returns just six of their 12 players from last year's team, but coach Skelton feels they have what it takes to be special. Small, energetic and extremely athletic, this team could make some noise if they can find chemistry and their seniors can provide leadership.

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Becky Dutko (sixth season)

2017-18 record: 25-3

Top returning players: Aubrey Hoover (G), Senior; Taylor Marchetti (G), Senior

Key new players: Courtney Frank (F/G), Junior

Outlook: “This year we are looking to grow as a new team. Our focus is fundamentals and hard work,” coach Dutko said. “The girls are looking to improve within themselves in order to improve our overall team. CMW reached the Class 3A state semifinals last season.


Head coach: Wes Laguerre (first season)

2017-18 record: 0-20

Top returning players: Jazmyne Drakes (F), Senior; Skylar Lewis (G), Junior; Alexa Warren (G), Junior; Milayo Oyekunle (G), Junior; Diamonae Maye (G/F), Junior; Kathryn Rambo (F), Junior; McKayla Donovan (G/F), Sophomore; Ariana Tilley (F), Sophomore

Key new players: Kayla Lighty (F), Senior; Byaye Powell (C), Senior; Nina Stewart (G), Junior; Desiree Gidden (G), Junior; Maryanne Moubarak (F), Junior; Syncier Fitzgerald (G), Freshman; Alana White (C), Freshman

Outlook: The Rams varsity team begins this season returning eight players, adding seven new players, and a new head coach. This group has shown some early signs that they can contend in the UCBAC Susquehanna Division and in the 3A North Region, notes first year coach Laguerre.


Head coach: Johnny Woods (first season)

2017-18 record: 8-12

Top returning players: Rebekah Taylor (G), Senior; Lauren Gabranski (F), Junior

Key new players: Chantel Curry (G), Junior; Adrianna Mace (F), Sophomore; Allie Book (F), Freshman; Jillian Crawford (G), Freshman

Outlook: “I am very excited to coach these wonderful young ladies. We have a new coaching staff and we can't wait to watch these girls play,” first year coach Woods said. “We are a young team, but with the help of our senior (Rebekah Taylor) and one of our newest players (Chantel Curry), I fully expect to have an exciting season.” Additionally, Tech has sophomore (Adrianna Mace) and two freshman (Allie Book and Jillian Crawford) that could be special.

Harford Christian

Head coach: Cheri Lefever (third season)

2017-18 record: 4-12

Top returning players: Taylor Martino (SF), Senior; Caroline Novak (SG), Junior; Kaylee Cullum (PF), Junior; Charity Hess (PG), Sophomore

Key new players: Natalie Dodson (PF), Senior

Outlook: The team went through a rebuilding year last season where they worked on their fundamentals and started to understand some concepts of basketball. This year, they’ve progressed in skill and understanding of the game and look to grow in those areas throughout the season. They’ve worked hard in practices and are setting goals for the season. The team looks to have a good future, according to coach Lefever.

Harford Tech

Head coach: Christopher R. Towle (first season)

2017-18 record: 7-13

Top returning players: Courtney Logan (G), Sophomore; Quren Santiago (G), Junior; Kayla Jones (F), Senior; Kaitlyn Thacker (F), Sophomore

Key new players: Alexa Baldwin (G), Sophomore; Jada Maddox (G/F), Junior; Devin Larocque (G), Freshman

Outlook: Harford Tech is a very young and extremely high energy team. “We are very excited as a coaching staff to build on what the girls have shown from Fall Ball to the first few practices,” Cobras first year coach Towle said.

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Lisa Koop (first season)

2017-18 record: 4-16

Top returning players: Kayla Sumpter (SF), Senior; Hannah Koop (SF), Junior; Lynnea Pugh (PG), Sophomore

Key new players: Takara Gibson (F), Sophomore; Jenna Koop (F), Freshman

Outlook: The Warriors are a young team looking to grow and gain success throughout the season, according to first year head coach Koop. There is a lot of potential on this team and we look forward to competing.

John Carroll

Preview information for the Patriots was not received from first year head coach Eric Wakefield


Head coach: Erica Kelly (seventh season)

2017-18 record: 19-4

Top returning players: Ki'Yah Whitley (PG), Junior; Yakiraah Corley (C), Junior; Troyannshae Moore (C), Senior

Key new players: Natarra Richardson (G), Freshman; Tais Colon (G), Junior; Janiece Bennet (C), Junior

Outlook: “Thankfully our returning players are leaders and our new players are adjusting well,” Mariners coach Kelly said. The team is working hard in preparation for its return to the Chesapeake Division.

North Harford

Head coach: Wendy Feight (third season)


2017-18 record: 9-15


Top returning players: Jessica Smith (G/F), Senior; Cameron Sawyer (F), Senior; Savannah Dieter (G), Senior; Olivia Becker (G), Senior; Alison Bufano (G), Senior; Brooke Ciampaglio (G), Senior; Ava Schmidt (F), Junior; Lily Macatee (G), Sophomore

Key new players: Sam Crone (G), Junior; Claudia Lewis (F), Senior; Grace Crickenberger (G/F), Junior

Outlook: “We are a senior-led team, looking to improve on our record from last year. The girls have been working hard in practice and are hungry to play,” Hawks coach Feight said. “This team has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see what they accomplish together.”

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Mike Getz (first season)

2017-18 record: 2-19

Top returning players: Kaia Barr (F), Senior; Delaney Madsen (C), Sophomore; Meadow Santoriello (G), Sophomore; Mia Sherwood (F), Senior; Hanna Soughou (C), Sophomore; Mikaela Truong (G), Sophomore; Samantha Wehmer (F), Senior

Key new players: Alivia Boddy (G), Sophomore; DeBrigida Bella Mia (F), Sophomore; Nikki Holmes (F), Junior; Madison Knight (F), Freshman; Beatrice Orsini (G), Freshman

Outlook: With 10 players returning to the program along with quality freshmen, the Huskies look to rebound and compete for a division and regional title this season, according to first year head coach Getz.

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