It was a night of college lacrosse in Havre de Grace on Monday, when teams from Elizabethtown and Lynchburg colleges, which both have local players, met at James R. Harris Stadium

Lynchburg, on its spring break to the north, features 2013 Havre de Grace graduate Helen Boniface, while E-Town boasts twins Carly and Katie Thompson, 2014 graduates of Havre de Grace.


The game, which was well attended, couldn't have been scripted any better, at least for the three hometown players. Well, Lynchburg won, 9-6, which may not have been in the favor of the E-Town faithful.

"It's really crazy, the energy was the same as in high school," Boniface said. "The whole time I was up against Carly, I told her, you know I'm nervous to play you; she said, I'm nervous to play you."

It was Carly that scored the game's first goal, less than :30 into the game and it was assisted by who else, sister Katie Thompson.

"It was awesome, honestly all the support for both teams was just amazing." Carly said. "We (Helen and I) smacked sticks after my first goal, I smacked hers again after the second goal and it was obvious that we were supporting each other, even when we were against each other. It was really awesome."

E-Town went up 2-0 and led 3-1 early, Moments later, Carly took a spill, right in the middle of the field, that included knocking off one of her shoes. She put the shoe back on and continued to play.

The tight game continued and Lynchburg, which never led, was able to tie the game at 5-5 by halftime.

"I am very impressed with the number of people who have shown up. I'm very pleased with everything, I mean in how people are being so respectful of, look at the two college teams, why are they here?," organizer Mel Rimel-Holloway said at the half. "It's kind of nice to hear people's background; oh my gosh, these girls played in rec, then they played in high school and now they're back here. Yeah, it's a neat thing."

The game in Havre de Grace took place because Lynchburg alternates going North and South for spring break games. The Hornets were at Washington College on Saturday and there was a need for a place to play Monday night's game.

It appears Havre de Grace was the perfect choice.

The crowd was a mix of young people and adults, families and friends and lacrosse enthusiasts.

"To hear the people in the stands talk about how giving back to your community, it's free. I've heard people from Harford Community College came down, people from Perryville came over, all these high school teams are coming over and it's amazing, cause now I feel like, it's not like when you play it's Havre de Grace against Aberdeen, Joppatowne, it's actually everybody's coming together tonight and it's just lacrosse, its all about lacrosse," Rimel-Holloway said.

The game itself continued back and forth, but Lynchburg still had not led some 10 plus minutes into the second half. That changed with 14:12 to play. Lynchburg scored to go ahead, 7-6. As it turned out, E-Town scored no more.

The game's highlight, however, was still to come. Boniface, a junior and full time defender for the Hornets, was about to make personal history. It came with 7:04 left, when she scored the first goal of her college career.

"Actually before the game, people were telling me, you're going to get a goal , you're going to get a goal. No I'm not, I'm staying back," Boniface said. Those people, her teammates, were right.


"I just saw it, the ball was coming right to me." Boniface said. "I knew people were over the line, so I could go over and once I picked up the ball, I looked up and no one was in front of me, so I was like, I guess I should take it." The play happened about 25 yards out front of the E-Town goal along the sideline. "The whole time I had it, I was like I'm gonna miss it, l'm gonna miss it. I didn't, thank goodness."

Boniface was mobbed by her teammates, as much because she scored, but also because of where she did it, in her hometown.

"They were excited for me, that's my first goal of my college career," Boniface said. "It was awesome. I couldn't have even made that up."

Carly Thompson shared her friend's success. "I'm glad I got to witness that. She's glad she did it here, I'm sure. That's awesome," Carly said.

With all the scoring done, play was still physical. Katie Thompson found out with less than 1:20 left, getting knocked to the ground rather hard.

"I think I deserved it. I might have gotten away with a few checks, so she should be able to get away with a few pushes. It's all part of the game," Katie said. "I am really happy that we got to have this happen here, I feel like I brought my second family home to play against my first family, I'm really excited that it happened, bummed that we lost, but I think our team worked really well."

Katie (three assists) also shared her gratitude for the event. "I thought it was great, I loved having everyone here supporting us," she said. "It just really shows what a close-knit community we have."

In addition, Rimel-Holloway extended thanks all the people who helped to make the game night happen, including Carol Boniface, Heather Crawford, Jim Reynolds, Colin Carr, Amy Dean, Tim Getz, Danny Jones, Coach Bruce Reid (Lynchburg) and Coach Danielle Seling (E-Town).

"What a great experience we brought to Havre de Grace," Rimel-Holloway said.