Harford County track and field athletes, like others, ready, hopeful for season

Realizing we are still not sure or certain that there will be a spring high school sports season, we still want to preview teams and student athletes. Here is a look at local track and field teams.


Head coaches: Kyle Brown and Joshua Rupert


Top returning girls: Eliana Peyton, So. (400 dash); Kamari Norton, Sr. (sprints). Top newcomer: Sumer Edwards, Fr. (sprints)

Top returning boys: David Blackwell, Sr. (Discus); Malachi Stewart-Lesesne, Sr. (triple Jump, 100, 200); Jaheim Jones, Jr. (long Jump, 100, 200); Donovan Peyton, Jr. (800, 1600). Top newcomer: Victor Mukenyi, So. (sprints, jumps)


Outlook: “We are more excited about this boys team than any we have had in quite some time. The depth of the boys’ team is an incredible strength. The girls’ team will be improved from last year but is behind the boys slightly,” said coach Joshua Rupert. On the team: 30 boys, 30 girls.

Bel Air

Head coaches: Connie Forster and Sharon Pickett

Top returning girls: Maya Feick, Jr. (mid-dist.); Rebekah Cross, Sr. (dist.); Mackenzie Morrison, So. (dist.); Elizabeth Pickett, So. (mid-dist.); Morgan Loewe, So. (mid-dist.); Jordan Johnson, So. (sprints, high jump); Caitlyn Graney, Jr. (sprints, hurdles). Top newcomers: Payton Todd, Fr. (sprints); Dani Todd, So. (sprints)

Top returning boys: Caleb Zylka, Sr. (dist.); Shane Ivy, So. (dist.), Jordan Ball, Jr. (mid-dist.), Ykean Johnson, Sr. (sprints); Thomas Hammond, So. (sprints). Top newcomers: Jack Hynes, Fr. (mid-dist.); Garrett Saboy, Fr. (dist.); Connor Banton (sprints, jumps)


Outlook: “The boys are a young team but eager to prove themselves. The girls’ team is deep in the distance and middle-distance events, but the sprint team should develop into a formidable team with a little experience.” said coach Sharon Pickett. On the team: 35 girls, 45 boys.

C. Milton Wright

Head coaches: Donnie Mickey and Devon Moore

Top returning girls: Sophia Skinner, So. (dist.); Quin Donarum, So. (jumps); Madison Treadwell, Sr. (vault); Katie McNesby, So. (vault); Chailey Atkins, Sr. (throws); Hannah Beegle, Sr. (dist.); Maria Lindsey, Jr. (sprints). Top newcomers: Lydia Sherly, Fr. (dist.); Ella Swayne, Fr. (dist.); Hayley Martin, Fr. (dist.); Sarah Kroedel, So. (jumps)

Top returning boys: Jai Raccioppi, Sr. (sprints); Matt Wychulis, Sr. (sprints); Greg Roden, Sr. (dist.); Ben Sprague, Sr. (dist.); Bryan Key, Jr. (dist.); Peter Capozzoli, Sr. (dist.). Top newcomers: Ashton Tolson, Fr. (dist.); Isiah Washington, Jr. (sprints)

Outlook: The boys’ team has the strongest middle-distance runners in the UCBAC. “We are on the younger side but have a great group of senior leaders. By the end of the season we hope to show great improvement. On the team: 40 girls, 60 boys.


Head coaches: Noah Hutton and Jerry Henderson

Top returning girls: Madison Buddenbohn, Sr. (dist.); Michaela Crue, Sr. (dist.); Mary Crue, Sr. (dist.); Anna Decker, Sr. (dist.); Morgan Sorrell, Sr. (hurdles); Arianna Osbourne, Sr. (throws); Madison Drisdom, Jr. (sprints); Evelyn Smith, Jr. (mid-dist.); Chelsea Sergeon, So. (sprints); Delaney Saulsbury, So. (dist.); Jada Booker, Fr. (mid-dist.).

Top returning boys: Ayo Adediji, Sr. (dist.); Kephart Pryor, Sr. (sprints,jumps); Nate Burkhardt, Sr. (dist.); Ryen Dean, Sr. (mid-dist.); Kevin Rowland, Sr. (mid-dist.); Jalen Kelley, Jr. (sprints); Jonathan Foster, Jr. (sprints); Griffin Santiago-Jett, Jr. (throws); Aman Tripathi, So. (dist.); Ryan Buddenbohn, So. (dist.). Top newcomers: Calvin Karanja, Fr. (hurdles); Sean Townes, Fr. (sprints)

Outlook: “We are doing our best to create balance across all events in order to contend in post season. While we are heavy with seniors in distance races, we do have a strong freshman class in multiple events,” said coach Jerry Henderson. On the team: 42 girls, 38 boys


Head coach: Karin Walker

Top returning girls: Morgan Kornke, Jr. (mid-dist.); Theresa Easley, Sr. (sprints); Madison McEvoy, Sr. (sprints); Zoe Lynch, Sr. (sprints); Kennedy Mendoza, So. (mid-dist.); Emma Marange, So. (sprints); Marissa Shatzer, So. (sprints); Stacie Lally, Sr. (dist.). Top newcomers: Marissa Lord, Fr. (sprints); Camden Tanguay, Fr. (sprints)

Top returning boys: Nick O’Neal, Sr. (throws); Giles Daly, Sr. (dist.); C.J. Turner, Jr. (sprints). Top newcomers: Tyler Flatau, Jr. (dist.), Alex Xavier, Fr. (dist.)

Outlook: The girls’ and boys’ teams are likely to improve on last year’s UCBAC finish. Each team has one returning All-County performer. On the team: about 90.

Harford Tech

Head coaches: Darrell Diamond and Murray Davis

Top returning girls: Lyric Kelly, Sr. (hurdles); Erin Haviland, Sr. (hurdles); Caitlyn Bobb, Jr. (sprints); Nya Ray, Jr. (sprints); Laura Velez-Segui, Jr. (hurdles)

Top returning boys: Justin Holley, Sr. (hurdles); Daron Taylor, Sr. (dist.); Zachary Taylor, Sr. (dist.); Jaren McFadden, Sr. (sprints); Kevin Baranoski, Jr. (dist.); Shimon Simpson, Jr. (hurdles); Aaron Livtin, Jr. (mid-dist.)

Outlook: The girls team graduated one of its best classes, losing four first-team All-County Track members from the 2A State finalist team and is primed to make another run for a state title. The boys’ team lost six first-team All-County performers to graduation. Most of the returning boys had a very good indoor season, placing second in the Region meet. “We believe the team will be very competitive in the UCBAC and regionals,” said coach Darrell Diamond. On the team: 34 girls, 58 boys

Havre de Grace

Head coaches: Bill Walsh and Jerry Lee

Top returning girls: Kyra Adams, Jr. (sprints); Akcire Alston-Buck, Jr. (jumps, hurdles); Chioma Iheacho, Sr. (jumps); Sahley Maldonado, Sr. (sprints); Maya Rawls, Jr. (mid-dist.); Marie Webb, Jr. (sprints, jumps). Top newcomers: Adeline Murray, Fr. (jumps, dist.); Jamayla Stansbury, Fr. (sprints, jumps); Lia Delgado Rocha, Fr. (dist.)

Top returning boys: Nana Asibey-Bonsu, So. (sprints); Khalif Charlton, Jr. (jumps); Demontez Chin, Jr. (sprints, jumps); Jaylen Day, Jr. (hurdles, jumps); Gary Gibson, Sr. (sprints, jumps); Samuel Ross, Sr. (400) Top newcomers: Marlon Lewis, Jr. (jumps, throws); Kent Bromley, Fr. (jumps, dist.); Noah Buchanan, Jr. (throws); Terron Clark, So. (jumps, hurdles); Gabriel Tate, Sr. (jumps); T.J. Turner, Jr. (hurdles)

Outlook: “Our team is much improved with several newcomers. We will be very strong in the boys’ and girls’ jumps and sprints,” said coach Bill Walsh. On the team: 40 boys, 22 girls.

John Carroll

Head coaches: Rob Torres and Mike Monaghan

Top returning girls: May Berger, Jr. (dist.); Liz Marlow, Jr. (dist.); Emily Baranoski, So. (vault); Cam Barrow, Jr. (sprints); Sydney Queen, So. (sprints); Emma Campitelli, So. (sprints). Top newcomers: Victoria Novak, Fr. (dist.); Madison Shaffrey, So. (hurdles, jumps); Caroline Kozera, Fr. (hurdles, sprints); Jenna Bondyra, So. (hurdles, sprints); Nora John, Fr. (sprints); Rosalie McGuirk, So. (throws)


Top returning boys: Michael Chipi, Sr. (dist.); Malik Scott, Sr. (sprints); Roman Hemby, Jr. (sprints, jumps), Austin Brinkman, Sr. (hurdles, throws); Amon Brown, Jr. (sprints, jumps); Lukas Dattoli, Jr. (sprints, jumps). Top newcomers: London Drummond, Jr. (sprints, jumps); Cam West, Jr. (sprints, hurdles); Nick Singelakis, Fr. (dist.); Kilo Mack, So. (sprints, jumps)


Outlook: “This should be the strongest and most well-rounded boys’ team in several years, with a strong group of returnees and probably the best group of newcomers since joining the MIAA 18 years ago. The girls’ team should be much improved as several solid newcomers join a group of veterans that showed a lot of growth last year,” said coach Rob Torres. On the team: 35 girls, 45 boys.


Head coaches: Erica Kelly and James Murray

Top returning girls: Cyniah Lewis, So. (sprints); Jade Story, So. (sprints), Camille Purcell, So. (sprints)

Top returning boys: Chris Kalambihis, Sr. (throws); James Munlyn, Sr. (200, 400); Jaylin Johnson, Jr. (high jump); Jordan Barmer, Sr. (200, 400); Da’mon Cottman, Jr. (sprints)

Outlook: The Mariners return three All-County performers, one who was All-County second team, and one who was runner-up in the state indoor meet. There are also several promising newcomers. On the team: 40.

North Harford

Head coaches: Jimmy Cachola and Laura O’Leary

Top returning girls: Sydney Altman, Sr. (throws); Lynea Bragg, Sr. (hurdles); Laurel Brown, Jr. (dist.); Darian Hauf, Jr. (vault); Erin O’Leary, Jr. (throws); Kayla Smith, So. (hurdles). Top newcomer: Finley Lavin, Fr. (dist.)

Top returning boys: Will Tikiob, Sr. (dist.); Justin Graves, Sr. (sprints); Elijah Ramsey, Sr. (jumps, throws); Andrew Patton, Jr. (sprints); Daniel Lane, Jr. (throws); Michael Finley, So. (dist.).

Outlook: The Hawks are blessed with lots of talent and leadership, with four All-County performers, a total of 33 seniors, and many four-year seniors on the team. “There are too many to mention but they are all valued,” said coach Jimmy Cachola. On the team: 54 girls, 37 boys.

Patterson Mill

Head coaches: Mike Parker (boys) and Megan Bennett (girls)

Top returning girls: Allie Wysong, So. (sprints); Karli Brent, Jr. (sprints); Kayla Barr, So. (sprints).

Top returning boys: Berkeley Tisch, So. (dist.); Kiefer Iacaruso, So. (dist.); Cameron Dawson, Jr. (jumps); C.J. Roberts, Sr. (throws).

Outlook: “This year’s team is relatively young compared to last year’s but it has a lot of potential to do extremely well,” said coach Mike Parker. On the team: 28 girls, 27 boys.