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Harford high school softball teams set to begin 2021 season

It was two years ago when Harford County high school girls softball teams raced around all dirt infield diamonds from late March to late May to begin and finish the 2019 season.

Well, happily al teams are back with players and coaches working hard to have a 2021 season and it begins this week.


See info for all Harford County teams here:


Head coach: Kyle Dawe (third year)


Top players to watch: Alexis Long, Sr. (CF); Hailie Curran, Sr. (C); Allison Morter, Sr. (P); Abigail Harter, Jr. (SS); Elyssa Xavier, Fr. (P, SS)

Season outlook: “We are starting the season with a mixed group of veterans and new players. We have a strong core group of pitchers, that will hopefully allow us to win games as we continue to develop,” coach Dawe said.

Bel Air

Head coach: Nicole Cosgrove (third year)

Top players to watch: Emma Sanza, Sr. (SS); Abby Bannan, Sr. (3B); Jose Mason, Sr. (UTIL); Gia Osborne, Sr. (INF); Lanie LeVee, Jr. (C); Caroline Hilyard, Jr. (P); Makayla Lopez, So. (1B, OF); Kyrsten Coppage, So. (P); Kelsey Fleischmann, Jr. (OF); Tara Trzeciak, Jr. (2B); Jaydn Betters, So. (INF); Kalea Stein, Fr. (UTIL)

Season outlook: The expectations for this season are high following a fantastic 2019 season. The goal is once again a regional championship with a state tournament appearance. “So far, the team looks strong with several returning and experienced varsity players. We are really looking forward to playing some softball games this year after missing out on the 2020 season,” coach Cosgrove said.

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Jim French (third year)

Top players to watch: Hannah Brown, Sr. (RF, P); Samantha Miller, Sr. (SS); Kaitlyn Williford, Jr. (CF); Veron Ingold, Jr. (C); Dulaney Harris, Jr. (LF); Danielle Lambert, Jr. (P); April Martain, So. (3B); Jenna Dwyer, So. (2B); Elizabeth Harjes, So. (1B); Haieigh Castle, Jr.; Ava Morales, Jr.; Cara Hoover, Jr.; Jill Borowski, Jr.; Haven Ashbrooks, Jr.

Season outlook: “Our softball program approaches the 2021 season very young in talent. We have only two seniors on our team this year and only one that has varsity experience from last season,” coach French said. “We have power in our middle line up and speed to combine and our girls work very hard together and have great chemistry.” The overall outlook is one game at a time and play hard and compete. “We are very young and learn more about the game each day. We are so fortunate to be able to play this season after what we all went though last year,” French said.



Head coach: Chris Spinner (sixth year)

Top players to watch: Miranda Badham, Jr. (P, 1B); Abigail Reed, Fr. (P, 3B); Juliet Sanchez, Fr. (C, SS); Melani Nautia-Borja, Fr. (C, OF); Angelica Sauer, Sr. (2B/UTIL); Remley Nance, Jr. (C, UTIL); Bella Delcostello, Jr. (SS, 1B; Tatyana Sanchez, Jr. (CF)

Season outlook: In addition to the players listed above sophomores Rachel Harris (OF) and Kennedy Matu (OF, 1B) round out the team. Edgewood High School has a great group of girls making up the varsity softball team this year. “Badham (CMW transfer) and Reed will make for a good pitching duo and with such a versatile group of players, I am excited for the season to begin,” coach Spinner said. “As a coach I am happy the girls are able to play this year and I am looking forward to a great season.”


Head coach: Kevin Medicus (fourth year)

Top players to watch: Corinne Dunton, Sr. (OF); Riley Fisher, Sr. (P); Anna Scheir, Sr. (3B): Kaylee Schueler, Sr. (2B); Allison Strohman, Sr. (P); Julia Strohman, Sr. (C); Natalie Webster, Sr. (OF)

Season outlook: “After missing last season, we’re thrilled to see these seniors have the opportunity to finish their high school careers,” coach Medicus said. “The game will definitely look different this year, but for certain we are ready to compete. We wish all the UCBAC teams good health and good luck.”


Harford Tech

Head coach: Brian Reider (second year)

Top players to watch: Grace Borkman, Sr. (LF); Jessica Bouthet, Sr. (3B); Ashleigh Deems, Sr. (SS); Jaela Edmionds, Sr. (UTIL); Ariana Blum, So. (2B); Hayden Kobert, So. (C); Briana Lunenfeld, So. (P); Madison Merson, So. (P); Lacey Swart, So. (CF); Lillie Uttenreither, So. (RF); Mackensie Pellerin, So. (INF, OF); Allie Smith, So. (INF, OF); Katie Burr, Fr. (INF); Aubrey Gump, Fr. (INF)

Season outlook: Harford Tech will have a very young team this year with only four seniors on the roster and the remaining players are either sophomores or freshmen, according to coach Reider. “The team will be led by three senior captains who will also be playing their fourth year on the Harford Tech varsity softball team; Grace Borkman, Jessica Bouthet and Ashleigh Deems,” Reider said. “The team may be young, but we expect to catch a few teams by surprise as we have some of the most hard working and energetic softball players in Harford County. I am proud to be their coach. Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard and that will have to be our team motto this year if we expect to end the year with a winning record.”

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Jeff Thompson (second year)

Top players to watch: Emily Curry, Sr. (SS); Natiah Turner, Jr. (3B, CF); Kelsey Barks, So. (P)

Season outlook: “We are beyond excited to be back on the field. This year we welcome four freshmen players to our varsity roster. They will certainly provide a nice boost to an already talented group of returning players,” coach Thompson said. “We expect to be very competitive in all aspects of our game and with a strong JV team in place this year, we should be ready to compete for years to come. Here’s to a safe, enjoyable softball season for all involved across Harford County. Enough said...let’s play ball!”


John Carroll

Head coach: Sherry Hudson (sixth year)

Top players to watch: Sydney Dawson, Fr. (OF); Sophie Anderson, Fr. (SS); Addison Kropkowski, Fr. (2B); Julia Wilkes, Fr. (P); Kyleigh Waugh, Sr. (1B, P); Katie Levey, Sr. (2B); Cait Brooks, Sr. (DH/UTIL); Brianna Botkin, Jr. (1B, P); Tessa Boswell, Jr. (OF); Mykaela Getz, So. (OF); Laura Hughes, So. (C): Samantha Sclafani, So. (3B)

Season outlook: John Carroll is young and inexperienced with 10 underclassmen on the roster. Over half of the starting nine will be underclassmen, including sophomores who had limited experience due to last year’s canceled season. They will rely on Seniors Waugh, Levey and Brooks to lead the team. Botkin, Wilkes and Waugh will carry the pitching load. They will rely on the bats of Dawson, Sclafani, Getz, Anderson, Hughes and Boswell to keep them in games. “Stiff competition will await them in the IAAM A Conference,” coach Hudson said.


Head coach: Jim VanHorn (sixth year)

Top players to watch: Laila Skipwith, Sr. (3B); Sheridan VanHorn, Jr. (P, C); Kazariah Jeremiah, Jr. (INF); Gaby Craig, So. (SS); Abby VanHorn, Fr. (C, OF)

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Season outlook: “COVID has hit our athletic department hard. In 2020 we were set to field full varsity and JV teams and now the numbers are just not there,” coach VanHorn said. “We have key seniors who have decided not to play and several others who were starters that are not returning. We should have had all of our 2020 starters returning, but the kids we have are keeping it positive and working hard. We will coach them up and do what we can to provide them with the opportunity to compete.”


North Harford

Head coach: Christine Mullin (second year)

Top players to watch: Tonya Marks, Jr. (SS); Dani Becker, Sr. (1B, P); Maggie Mullin, Jr. (P, 1B); Morgan Buckland, Jr. (OF); Emme Brossoit, So. (C); Abigail Buckland, So. (2B); Alexis Trzeciak, So. (OF); MacKenzie Dunaway, Fr. (3B, UTIL)

Season outlook: “We are very excited again this year to present a solid team to proudly represent North Harford High School,” coach Mullin said. “We are confident that we will surprise the competition and have a successful 2021 season.”

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Jeff Horton (seventh year)

Top players to watch: Dakota Pitts, Sr. (P, SS); Maddie Buher, Sr. (C); Caroline Michaels, Sr. (CF); Allie Cichocki, Sr. (2B); Emma Shultz, Sr. (3B/UTIL); Madison Knight, Jr. (P, SS); Tara Caprinolo, Jr. (1B); Ella Laurentius, Fr. (1B); Olivia Sears, Jr. (C, 2B); Ali Kirsch, Jr. (INF, UTIL); Lily Hofmeister, Fr. (3B); Marloe Stump, Fr. (C, 3B); Kaylyn Pulket, Fr. (OF, P)

Season outlook: “This year will be different from those of past as this is the first time in my tenure that we field a team comprised of mainly upperclassmen. It seems like just yesterday when the 2017 preseason write up stated that we “managed to always be a fun and entertaining team” as our young girls were coming off an 8-8 Susquehanna Division record,” coach Horton said. “That young team has now matured and the expectations are high for them as they have now morphed into a team with a target on its back.” Before COVID hit last season, the team compiled a two-year record of 30-7, along with a Susquehanna Division title and a second-place finish in the Chesapeake Division. “This year, we’ll return six previous All-County starters whose team defensive fielding percentage of .949 and team batting average of .335 were program bench marks the last time they saw the field in 2019,” Horton said. “We’ll also turn to our key new players to add depth in hitting, speed, and defensive versatility to help complement our pitching duo that needs no introduction. Stay tuned to see if we can stay ‘fun and entertaining’.”