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Aberdeen Dive Team diver Rocky Ramsland is on quite an unbeaten streak in Central Maryland Dive League

Aberdeen Dive team member Rocky Ramsland has dominated Central Maryland Dive League competitions.

Nearly a dozen or so years ago, Rocky Ramsland, a 6 or 7 year old Port Deposit boy took up diving to join older sister Isabelle, who was already involved with the Aberdeen Dive Team.

Isabelle quit the dive team a year later to focus on swimming and Rocky says she gave him an ultimatum: swim or dive?


Ramsland chose dive and, well, he’s pretty good at it.

“I have not lost in the Central Maryland Dive League in 10 seasons,” a modest Ramsland said. “I don’t really think about the wins and losses. I’m there because of my friends. Me and my friends have dove for so long together, I do this like it’s my family at this point. It’s not about me thinking about all the wins, it’s more about the experience of being with my friends, which are now considered like family.”


Ramsland has dominated the Central Maryland Dive League and did it again at this year’s season-ending championship meet. After posting a season’s best score of 328.85 over six dives, Ramsland posted a 371.1 total, performing the most difficult dives to win by nearly 80 points.

“I like doing flips and that was my thing. I’ve always had a hardcore flip habit and doing extreme stuff like that,” Ramsland explains as to why diving works for him. “It’s kind of like a thing I just do. I’m known for spinning fast and doing flips.”

Even though he’s dominated any and all, Ramsland isn’t one to coast.

“I can’t wait for a challenge, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I’m always ready for a game, a challenge. That’s the reason why I train so hard.”

Ramsland also dives with USA Diving.

“I’m not just a summer diver, I’m a USA Diver, too. I dive all year-around,” Ramsland said. “During the school year, I practice at West Chester University, 6:30-8:30 p.m. daily.” That’s all seven days per week with early morning practices on Saturday and Sunday.

Ramsland says his best dive is a Full Out, which requires two flips in pike position, out of pike to straight, then one twist, before piking out and diving it in.

“Right before COVID I was learning the dive. Failed the dive a couple of years ago, but came back to perform it and earned 6 and 7s on it. I absolutely snotted it, completely ripped it,” Ramsland said. “It’s embarrassing to everybody when you mess up, but being able to come back and doing it exactly how I envisioned, was really nice to do.”


Ramsland says his goal is to add another twist to the dive.

Ramsland is a 17-year old senior at Perryville, where he also participates in track and field, competing in long Jump, pole vault and sprints.

As for the future, Ramsland has one more year of eligibility with the Aberdeen Dive Team. He plans to go to college, one with a dive team, and study cybersecurity.

Currently, Ramsland works as a lifeguard, but has the month off from diving.

“August is the only month we get off all year, so I’m enjoying that right now,” he said.