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Aberdeen alum Myles Douglas ready for big basketball season at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia

A handful of years ago, Myles Douglas enrolled at Aberdeen High School, where he played one season of basketball for the Eagles, before graduating in the spring of 2017.

Upon graduation, Douglas, a 6-7, 210-pound guard/forward headed south to attend and play D-1 basketball at the University of Central Florida.


Douglas, a sociology major, attended and played one year in Florida. He was actually there for two years, but an ankle surgery later, he is now enrolled and playing at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

“When I left, I had Redshirted my sophomore year because I had surgery before the season. So my sophomore year, I ended up Redshirting there,” Douglas said. “I really only got to play one year, I played my freshman year, then the following year I had to get surgery.”


So, Douglas traveled back north, finding his way to St. Joe’s. “Which is really closer to home, like an hour home for me,” Douglas said. Home is here in Harford County, in Edgewood.

The lone playing year at UCF was nothing special. “I came off the bench, we were an older team, I’d say 9-10 minutes a game. I think I averaged maybe two points and a couple of rebounds, nothing really crazy,” Douglas recalls.

Getting closer to home was big for Douglas, but there was more about St. Joe’s.

“Just the family environment, the coach, one of my AAU coaches [Brenden Straughn] had just gotten a job here as well. So, that was a real big part of it,” Douglas said. “Brenden Straughn, he had the job here and he called me, once I put my name in the transfer portal. I just felt like it was a good fit for me to be able to really showcase my game and be able to play the way I knew I could.”

So, Douglas played his official Redshirt sophomore season at St. Joe’s during this past 2019-20 season.

Douglas started 22 of 32 games played in, playing all over from point to wing to forward. He says he prefers swing man on the wing.

The sophomore year was good. Douglas earned the Big 5′s Leading Free Throw Shooter after shooting 87.1 percent (61-of-70) from the foul line; he ranked fourth on the team in scoring (7.8 ppg), tied for third in assists (43) and finished third in three-point percentage (.321).

Despite the highlights, it was a tough year for Douglas and the Hawks. “Last year was pretty rough, I mean it was like a rebuilding year. A new coach, a lot of the players from the previous year had left, I think we had 6-7 new guys and only three guys remaining from the year before,” Douglas said. “So, it was a lot of moving pieces going around. We finished last in the conference, so it was a pretty tough year for everybody, including me, the players, the coaches, the staff. We learned a lot about each other, grew up a lot. We had to play in a lot of tough situations.”

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Douglas and his teammates are back in the gym though, working to better last year’s efforts and dealing with COVID testing daily.

“With this COVID situation, testing every day now,” Douglas said. “Before official practice started last week, we were doing saliva testing, but now that practice started, we’re doing nasal swabbing, both sides, every morning."

Staying ready for the season means staying in shape in the summer. With COVID, it wasn’t the easiest of summers to do that.

“Every day it’s about getting better. Working out, I’m usually working out twice a day or trying to find pick-up somewhere. So, this summer it was a little slower for workouts with all the hot spots, but if it was a regular summer, probably 2-3 workouts a day and some days you got your pick-ups,” Douglas said. “This past summer it was a lot of pick up in Baltimore with a lot of pros, a lot of overseas guys, a couple college guys, including myself. It was good. It was a lot of good runs.”

Looking ahead, Douglas still has focus on his ultimate goal.

“The goal is always to play in the NBA, that’s been my goal for a long time. That’s still the number one plan. I think I’ve got the skills, I’ve got the ability and all the intangibles to be able to play,” Douglas said. “I think it’s all about time and patience, if I have to play overseas, I will. There’s nothing wrong with playing overseas, a lot of great players play over there. So, anything I have to do to play in the NBA, I’m willing to do.”


As for the game and the player he is, Douglas gave an honest assessment. "I’ve never been the most athletic guy, but I’ve always had a great feel for the game, he said. “I kind of do a little bit of everything, I’m not jumping out the gym, but I can get to the basket. I can shoot the ball a little bit. I’d rather just go make a basketball play.”