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North Harford’s Kevin Halford has Frostburg in the center of his football focus

North Harford High School senior Kevin Halford, a 6-3, 265-pound center, long snapper and defensive end for the Hawks football program, has decided that Frostburg State University is where he wants to attend college and play football over the next four years.

“Frostburg is a high D-2 school now, they’re very competitive and I want to go to a winning school,” Halford said. of his decision. “That’s a big part and D-2, I will get more looks at, say professional leagues, in my future.”


Halford was attracted from the start.

“When I went on a visit there the coaches were all about competition and all about winning and that’s the type of culture I want to be in,” Halford said. “All of the facilities there, I just fell in love with. It felt like home when I stepped on campus.”


Despite the infatuation with Frostburg, there were others schools on the list.

“I went on a visit to Stevenson and I went on a visit to Misericordia and I just liked Frostburg so much more than those other schools,” Halford said. Both universities are D-3 schools.

The search for Halford also presented another twist as he had the idea of playing baseball as well.

“I was looking into playing both football and baseball and usually only Division 3 does that,” Halford said. “I played on a club baseball team throughout the summer, but because of COVID a bunch of tournaments got canceled and scouting events got canceled, so I didn’t have any opportunity for baseball.”

Halford says he was talking to James Madison and Towson for baseball, but their rosters were all filled up with the position he plays. Halford says he plays first base and right field.

So, with options for baseball slipping away with COVID and lack of spaces, football was the sport.

“I had to start looking at football singularly, so I started looking at a couple D-2 schools, like Frostburg and Kutztown. I ultimately just came to the decision that Frostburg was the best opportunity for me to continue my playing career,” Halford said.

Because of baseball, Halford says his weight fluctuated around 230 pounds, but with baseball out of the picture, he’s bulked up to 265 for football.


“Football has always been important to me. Since I was five years old I’ve been playing football and before high school I played for Perry Hall Rec and my team was always the best, one of the better teams in Maryland,” Halford recalls. “We went to the championship every year and I just fell in love with the sport at a young age.”

Halford can really play anywhere along the offensive line, but his favorite position is center, because he’s played there his whole life. “And I feel like I’m the best there,” he said.

At Frostburg, Halford plans to study sports management. He says older brother Derek studied sports management and he‘s at Towson University now in their athletic program. “So, it’s just a thing I really want to get into,” Halford said. “So I can be in the sports area for as long as possible.”

So, what makes football the game that Halford loves so much?

“I feel like it’s the competitiveness, like just the hype of it. Before the game, getting hyped with your team,” he said. “Getting all pumped up and then going out there and competing every single play against another player. That’s just the best feeling ever.”

Halford says he was a captain in 2019 and the thrill of walking out in pre-game, homecoming. He loves the atmosphere, the fans.


So, playing a senior season is a big deal.

“It would mean everything to me, to get one more practice, one more game in. I at least want to get one more chance to beat Fallston and play with my two teammates I’ve been with since my sophomore year on varsity,” Halford said. “Charlie Canapp and Riley Stem, they’ve been with me since I transferred to North Harford in my sophomore year. I want to be able to go out on the field with both of them for one more time. Because seeing all the seniors from years past and how important their senior year is, I want to be able to experience that myself.”

Halford has professional aspirations.

“It’s been my dream my whole life. I cant imagine my life without football. I was basically born on a football field,” Halford said. “I just want to play as long as possible. Just for the love of the game.”

Playing can’t last forever.

“I would love to be a coach or become a scout and go to high school games and give those players a chance to go to college and give them a chance to play in pro leagues,” Halford said. “Or be an athletic director, just so I can be an important factor with the teams.”