Harford area high school girls basketball teams set to begin 2021-22 season

There’s 13 girls high school basketball teams in the area (12 Harford, one Cecil) who have been working hard to be ready for the 2021-22 season that begins next week. All, except John Carroll, have been idle since late February in 2020. Teams are excited and more than ready to start the season. See team information below.


Head coach: Jimmia McCluskey (fourth year)


Top returning players: Ja’Niya Doyle, Jr. (SF); Sumer Edwards, Jr. (G); Amanda Gugliuzza, Sr. (G)

Key new players: Mia Campbell, So. (SF); Nyjah Harris, Fr. (PG); Bobbi Hector, Fr. (G); Jazmyn Kemp, Fr. (C); Rachel Anderson, Sr. (G)


Outlook: “I think that this year is going to be the rebuilding year for Aberdeen. I call it this because majority of these girls have not played together, so they are learning how each individual person works on the court. Our team ranges from freshmen to seniors and having a year off can hurt a team,” McCluskey said. “They get along very well and will push each other every day in practice to get better. I like the fact that this group is willing to learn and work to see results. The goal this season is to be a fast and strong team.”


Head coach: Calvin Skelton (17th year)

Top returning players: Sophia Simon, Sr. (G); Allie Tivvis, Jr. (G/F); Zoe Tsomos, Sr. (G/F)

Key new players: Lily Harman, Sr. (G); Tara Trzeciak, Sr. (G); Gabrielle Awuah, So. (F/C)


Outlook: “With no one with any playing experience left from a regional championship team, Bel Air is searching for chemistry with a complete roster overhaul,” Skelton said. “This year’s girls are athletic, hardworking and hungry for success in a top-heavy division.


Head coach: Becky Dutko (eighth year)

Top returning players: Maddie Nimmo, Sr. (G); Miranda Turner, Sr. (G)

Key new players: Carly Jehnert, Fr. (G); Olivia Nelson, Jr. (G); Kate Walsh, Sr. (F)

Outlook: “We are a young team looking to get back into the groove of the season. Goal for the season is to gel as a team and improve with each game,” Dutko said.


Head coach: Wes Laguerre (third year)

Top returning players: Alanna Whyte, Sr. (F); Harmony Madu, Sr. (C); Janice Rodriguez, Sr. (G)

Key new players: Maniya Alston, Sr. (G); Courtney Pryor, Sr. (F); Mischa Spencer, Jr. (C); Kimora Barton, So. (F); Saniya Brown, So. (F/C); La’Kel Davis, So. (G); Ronni Edwards, So. (G); Aryella Cullum, Fr. (G); Lilly Smeltzer, Fr. (F)

Outlook: “We are excited to get back on the court, after not being able to play due to COVID-19. I think missing last year really put things in perspective for our players by showing them that you can’t play this game forever, so play hard every possession,” Laguerre said. “Our team has a good mix of senior leadership and young underclassmen that are hungry to play this year. I think we have good amount of potential competing in the UCBAC, but we must be competitive every night because any team can beat any team.”


Head coach: Johnny Woods (third year)

Top returning players: Jillian Crawford, Sr. (PG); Allie Book, Sr. (SG); Julia Skinner, Sr. (SG); Amanda Sharpe, Sr. (C); Katie Kogler, Sr. (SF)

Key new players: Natalie Wirth, Fr. (PG); Renae Gent, Jr. (PF); Molly Mullaney, Sr. (SG); Emily Solomon, Sr. (PF); Cheyenne Wong, Sr. (C); Mia Salvatierra, Sr. (PG); Summer Eddinger, Sr. (C)

Outlook: We are looking to leverage our maturity (10 seniors) and make a deep run in the playoffs. We are hungry and I believe we are returning one of the best backcourt combinations in the state, led by our senior point guard Jillian Crawford,” Woods said. “Additionally, I am expecting special things from our other sharp shooting guards, Julia Skinner and Molly Mullaney; our defensive specialists, Amanda Sharpe, Katie Kogler, Emily Solomon and Mia Salvatierra; and I expect every missed shot to be rebounded by Renae Gent, Summer Eddinger and Chyenne Wong. Furthermore, our freshman guard, Natalie Wirth, will surprise our opponents. Lastly, I fully expect this group to be competitive against every team we play.”


Head coach: Cheri Lefever (fifth year)

Top returning players: Caity Carney, Sr. (PF); Phoebe Williams, So. (PG/SG); Paige Sullivan, So. (SF/PF)

Key new players: Sage Thorpe, Sr. (SF); Abigail Childers, Sr. (C)

Outlook: “The team has been through a process rebuilding over the past two seasons. They have been working on their fundamentals and they are increasingly understanding basketball concepts. This year, they will look to build on experience and to be competitive in their league (MACSAC) games,” Lefever said. “Staying healthy will be the key to a successful year. They’ve worked hard in practices and are setting goals for the season.”


Head coach: Brad Hunt (second year)

Top returning players: Aniya Gibson, Jr. (F); Sofia Albi, Jr. (G); Ashley McElwain, Jr. (G); Briana Long, Sr. (G); Regan Ryan, Sr. (F)

Key new players: Jessica Castro, So. (G); Jordan Strang, So. (G/F); Sophia Mace, So. (G/F); Sarah Hunt, So. (G/F); Alexa Jones, So. (F); Abi Marcello, So. (F); Amya Goodsell, Fr. (G/F); Faith Orsini, Fr. (F)

Outlook: “We will be a very young team looking to establish a winning culture at Harford Tech. Excited about the group of first year players to go with our returning juniors and seniors that played on our regional championship team in 2019-20,” Hunt said.


Head coach: Lisa Koop (fourth year)

Top returning players: Natiah Turner, Sr. (F); Jenna Koop, Sr. (C); Carla Dunson, Jr. (SF)

Key new players: Kaedence Bryant, Sr. (PG); Azareya Whiting, So. (SF).

Outlook: “The team is excited to return to the court and looking to be strong competitors this season. The leadership of six seniors, combined with several key new additions to our team, mix together for great team chemistry,” Koop said. “Our goal this season is to challenge each other to become the best that we are capable of becoming. After missing last year, we are hungry and can’t wait to get back on the hardwood.”


Head coach: Holly Ismail (first year)

Top returning players: Meghan Ruth, Sr. (G/F); Kyleigh Monk, Sr. (G); Tessa Boswell, Sr. (SG)

Key new players: Myah Simmons, Sr. (PG); Alyssa Hughes, Fr. (G)

Outlook: “We are an old/young team. We will rely on our seniors and strong freshman class to handle much of the load. With new coaching, new systems and half the team being newcomers, this will be a year of learning and growth,” Ismail said. “Our veteran leadership will be a key to our success.”


Head coach: Erica Richardson (10th year)

Top returning players: Jacinta Ejelonu, Jr. (G/F)


Key new players: India Satterfield, Fr. (G/F)


Outlook: “We are thankful to be back on the court. Should be an interesting year with a combination of new and returning players,” Richardson said.


Head coach: Wayne Huller, Jr. (first year)

Top returning players: Laynie Sheahy, Sr. (G); Lillian Duffy, Jr. (F); Sierra McManus, Jr. (F)

Key new players: Marissa Struhor, Jr. (F/C); Jenna Amrhein, Jr. (G)

Outlook: “This will be a building year, young team with just two returning seniors,” Huller said.


Head coach: Mike Getz (third year)

Top returning players: Madison Knight, Sr. (C); Abby Bowling, Sr. (G)

Key new players: Kiley Wilhelm, So. (F); Ava Wheeler, Jr. (G); Ella Laurentius, Jr. (F); Zoe Valan, Fr. (G); Piper Steinkraus, Jr. (G); Ali Kirsch, Sr. (G); Hyacinth Pelongco, (Sr. (G); Lexi Smith, Sr. (F); Olivia Sears, Sr. (F); Destiny Stephens, Sr. (G)

Outlook: “With eight returning JV and varsity players who were in the program in 2019-20, and two key newcomers to the program who project to be in the starting lineup to begin the season, we hope to contend for a division and regional title,” Getz said.


Head coach: Erin Nosek (first year)

Top returning players: Kristina Belgira, Sr. (G/F); Lawrencia Jennings, Jr. (G/PG); Neveah Croxsell, Jr. (G/F)

Key new players: Taylor White, So. (F/C); Gaby Mills, So. (G); Cienna Lily, Fr. (G/PG); Alyssa Stanley, Fr. (G/PG); Mallory Stamper, Jr. (G/PG/F); Bailey Opie, Jr. (F/C)

Outlook: “As coaches, we are beginning to see the middle school program’s impact on the girls basketball program. We are excited for this upcoming season,” Nosek said.