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2019 Harford County high school football preview

The 2019 high school football season is here and Harford County’s teams have been working hard to be ready. See the teams below.


Head coach: Chris Matlack (second season)


2018 record: 3-7

Top returning players: Malachi Stewart-Lesesne, Sr. (RB/SS); Jaheim Wilson-Jones, Jr. (WR/CB/ATH); Silas Jenkins, Sr. (QB); Tommy Fisher, So. (RB/DL); Jordan Jenkins, Sr. (WR/DB); Nygel Diggs, Sr. (RB/LB); Chandler Scott, Sr. (LB); Kahlil Benmoha, Sr. ( OL/DL); Brandon Bishop-Giles, Sr. (OL/DL); RayShawn Richmond, Sr. (WR/CB); Tony Wright, Sr. (WR/CB)


Key new players: Jalen Durbin, Jr. (LB/RB); Robert Slatwinski, Jr. (OL/DL/K); William Quintana, Jr. (RB/WR/DB); Elijah Abraham, Sr. (WR/LB)

Outlook: Matlack took over the Eagles program a year ago and a number of familiar names are back in blue and gold. Should be a challenging year for the Eagles, but a rewarding one.

Bel Air

Head coach: Eric Siegel (first season)

2018 record: 6-4

Top returning players: Justin O’Bannon, Sr. (OL/DE); Jaylen Reaves, Sr. (RB); Gavin Yetter, Sr. (LB); Brendan Purtell, Jr. (QB/DB); Cole Meyer, Jr. (LB/TE); Stanford Ricketts, Sr. (LB/RB); Matthew Conroy, So. (LB)

Key new players: Tristan Smith, So. (RB/DB); Braelen Cypress, So. (DB/WR); Jacob Powell, So. (RB/DB); Thomas Martino, So. (OL/DL); Joshua Gelinas, Jr. (DL); Thomas Hammond, Jr. (OLB)

Outlook: “We graduated a large senior class last season and have a lot of young players who need to continue to develop in order to be competitive within our difficult UCBAC schedule,” Bobcats coach Siegel said. “In my first year as head coach I am excited by the way this group is coming together and with the leadership that is being displayed.”

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Jim French (first season)


2018 record: 4-6

Top returning players: Lance Lehmann, Sr. (FB); Ben Martin, (QB); Brent Moody, (CB); Hunter Wright, (QB); Will Tinney, (MLB); Anthony Riportella, (WR); Kris Moreno, (RB); Bryan Stiemke, Sr. (WR); Vito Annunziata, Sr. (OL/DL)

Key new players: N/A

Outlook: First year head coach French is very excited about the 2019 football season. “We have great leadership and great chemistry in our program. Every player has improved since last season,” Mustangs coach French said. “From the weight room to the practice field, each day our kids strive to get better. We are stronger, faster and bigger, and their work ethic is impeccable. With 25 returning seniors it shows we have more experience and a better balance.” Other returning senior players include Alex Fisher, Nick Scianimanico, Calen McCullough, Colby Kroedel, Cole Higgins, Will Higgins and Daniel Groome. Some other players to watch are Trevon Jones, Brennan Lorence, Logan Dvorak, Quintin Schulze, Nick Domzalski and David Hanifee. “We look forward to a productive and competitive season,” French said.


Head coach: Bryan Hansrote (second season)

2018 record: 9-2


Top returning players: Aiden Despress, Sr. (OL/DL); Keyon Brown, Sr. (S/SR); Tyreak Carey, Sr. (QB); Randy Hughes, Jr. (TE/LB); Mason Putney, Jr. (RB/LB); Tristan Park, Sr. (WR/S); Jaylen Boger, Sr. (WR/DE); Griffin Santiago-Jett, Jr. (OL)

Key new players: Lavar Banks, So. (CB); Antonio Powell, Jr. (LB/RB); Jaylen Kelley, Jr. (RB/S); Avon Griffin, So. (OL/DL); Humberto Briceno, Sr. (OL/DL)

Outlook: The Edgewood Rams are looking to build off back-to-back playoff appearances; with the goal being moving deep into the state playoffs. Edgewood will be a younger team in both age and experience, but not short on talent. “The players have shown a commitment to learning and getting better daily and proving that these past two years are not an aberration, but are the beginning of the norm for the Edgewood Rams program,” Rams coach Hansrote said. “We look forward to a challenging schedule and Chesapeake Division that will prepare us to compete at the 3A level across the state.”


Head coach: Jimmy Grant (third season)

2018 record: 0-9

Top returning players: Justin Wiegand, Sr. (QB); CJ Turner, Jr. (RB/DB); Nick O’Neal, Sr. ( DE/OL); Seth Strang, So. (DE/OL); Nick Curry, Jr. (WR/DB); Brandon Klaben, Sr. (RB/S); Jared Clayton, Jr. (LB/FB); Cameron Burns, Sr. (RB/LB); Colin Johnson, Sr. (LB); Connor Pickle, Sr. (WR/DB))


Key new players: Noah Richard, Jr. (RB/DB); Kevin Roberts, Jr. (WR/DB); Josh MacMillan, Jr. (OL/LB); Brady Mills, Jr. (OL/DL); Graham Hulse, Jr. (OL/DL); Bryden Eckels, Jr. (OL/DL); Eric Bynaker, Jr. (OL/LB); Neil Gill, Jr. (TE/DE); Jeremy Williams, Jr. (FB); Brandon Curry, Jr. (C/DL); Justin Kennedy, Jr. (OL/LB)

Outlook: “Obviously we are coming off a very difficult season. Last season we started with just 51 kids in our entire program. This season we started with 71. So, we are plus 20 in that department.,” Cougars coach Grant said. The first scrimmage the Cougars went to Fort Hill, where they scrimmaged with Fort Hill, Smithsburg and Petersburg (WV). “I’m very encouraged by the effort and desire to improve by our players. I was encouraged by our kids’ compete level in the scrimmage,” Grant said. “Again, our roster (33 Varsity) is a little smaller than I would like but that is something we cannot control. Our season is going be defined by our continued desire to improve and how quickly this young team develops. We are excited to get the season started.”

Harford Tech

Head Coach: Tim Palmer (third season)

2018 record: 9-1

Top returning players: Ryan Hunt, Sr. (QB); Terrill Lowery, Sr. (FS/WR); Curtis McKisset, Sr. (TE/LB); Khoury Harris, Sr. (WR/LB); Brandon Fletcher, Sr. (OT/DT); Logan Seling, Sr. (OT/DE); Jahlil Cooper, Sr. (RB/CB); Justin Holley, Sr. (ATH/CB); Eddie Medina, Sr. (RB/LB); Jonathan Fletcher, Sr. (DE); Travis Walls, Jr. (TE/LB)

Key new players: Kelvin Mendez, So. (CB/RB); Zach Rives, So. (C); Will Friend, So. (OG/DT); Jalen McFadden, Sr. (CB); DJ Dozier, Sr. (CB); Clifford Bibbio, Sr. (DL/LB); Brian Wall (DL/RB)


Outlook: “With a senior laden team this year, expectations are high. This will be our first year in the Chesapeake Division within UCBAC so we will be playing against some powerhouse programs. We feel that we have the right mix of veteran and new players to be competitive in a very tough league," Cobra coach Palmer said.

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Brian Eberhardt (fourth season)

2018 record: 10-3

Top returning players: Brandon Rabbit, Sr. (RB/OLB); Tommy Meehan, Sr. (WR/CB); Jaylen Day, Jr. (WR/S); Tanner Thompson, Sr. (OL/DL)

Key new players: Devon Coates, Jr. (QB/S); Frank Siano, Jr. (OL/DL)

Outlook: The Warriors are a young team looking for leadership and improvement week-to-week. Havre de Grace has won four straight region championships, but that streak may be in jeopardy.


John Carroll

Head coach: Ken Brinkman (second season)

2018 record: 5-5

Top returning players: Caleb Atabong, Sr. (RB/LB); Malik Scott, Sr. (WR/DB); Braden Clark, Sr. (OL/DL); Austin Brinkman, Sr. (QB/LB); Dominic Berndt, Sr. (WR/DB); Roman Hemby, Jr. (WR/DB); Nick Ray, Jr. (OL/DL); Alex Hau, Sr. (OL/DL); Connor Boyle, Jr. (OL/DL); Nik Gray, Jr. (RB/OLB); Gavin Greene, Sr. (K); Amon Brown, Jr. (WR/DB); Jacob Osburn, Jr. (TE/LB); Greg Knight, Jr. (OL/LB)

Key new players: Jack Owen, Jr. (OL/LB); London Drummond, Jr. (RB/OLB); Athan Barmer, So. (WR/DB); Darrell Jackson, Fr. (RB/ DB); Kilo Mack, So. (TE/OLB); TJ McHugh, So. (RB/NG); Carter Horsburgh, So. (OLB); Cameron West, Jr. (LB); Elpris Igwacho, So. (OL/DL); Jaquan Corner, Fr. (OL/DL)

Outlook: “After coming off a 5-5 season, where four of our losses were by less than a touchdown, we are looking to be on the other side of those close games. I am looking forward to the 2019 season for our players. Those in our program, have been working hard all off-season since we began training in the weight room in the winter and our summer conditioning program,” Patriots coach Brinkman said. There are several positions to replace due to graduation. “We have 10 seniors that we will look to help lead our team into the season, along with 25 underclassmen that will be counted upon in many positions to help make this season successful,” Brinkman said. “Our numbers have grown to 35 on the varsity and have added depth at every position. We will look to upgrade our play in all three aspects of the game. Offensively, we will look to get our athletes in space, defensively, we are going to provide pressure and look to make some big plays in our secondary. As far as special teams, look to get big plays from our players and prevent big plays against us.”


Head coach: James A. Murray (third season)


2018 record: 2-8

Top returning players: Christopher Kalambihis, Sr. (OL/DL); Alan Brown, Sr. (QB/FS); Julian Young, Sr. (OL/DL); Jaylen Jones, Sr. (WR/S); JayShawn Bennett, Sr. (LB)

Key Newcomers: Malik Guerrier, Jr. (RB/DE); Shakur Johnson, So. (RB/DB); Tavon Chisolm, Jr. (TE/LB)

Outlook: “We’re only returning eight starters combined, but it’s a solid eight surrounded by eager and new talent. Up front on both sides of the ball we will be led by 2x All-Conference and All-Harford lineman Kalambihis, who has a little bit of help this year in terms of depth,” Mariners coach Murray said. “Owen Skelly, Young and Fola Kolawole all look to continue where they left off last season in the trenches.” QB Brown had his junior campaign cut short last season in a tough game versus Perryville and feels he has a lot to prove in his senior season. “Offensively we left some plays on the table last year and if we get a full regular season out of our senior quarterback and can stay relatively healthy, I believe the playoffs this year aren’t just a dream but a reality,”Murray said.

North Harford

Head coach: Justin Martinek (first season)

2018 record: 3-7


Top returning players: Bobby Duffy, Sr. (QB/LB); Jake Moore, Sr. (WR/LB); Anthony Holmes, Sr. (RB/DB); Charlie Canapp, Jr. (RB/DB); Noah DeHart, Sr. (RB/LB); Eli Bigelow, Jr. (OL/DL); Kevin Halford, Jr. (OL/DL)

Key new players: Austin Smith, Sr. (WR/DB); Brian Hauer, So. (RB/DB); Jeff Rhoten, Jr. (RB/LB); Garett Taylor, Sr. (OL/DL); Nick Ciampaglio, So. (RB/DB); Camron Kuchling, Jr. (RB/LB)

Outlook: “The team is looking forward to a new chapter of North Harford Football. Players have done very well adjusting to a new staff and a new playbook. The coaches cannot wait to see what the 2019 season holds for North Harford Football,” Hawks coach Martinek said.

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Steve Lurz (sixth season)

2018 record: 0-9

Top returning players: Nathan Vujanic, Sr. (QB); Christian Pross, Sr. (ATH); Chris Blackwell, Sr. (WR); Corben Jones, Sr. (OT/DE); Alex Lissauer, Sr. (OLB)


Key new players: Jake Reed, Sr. (HB/LB); Jack Brown, Sr. (RB/MLB)

Outlook: “We are a senior heavy team that is looking to end our streak of losing seasons and push for .500. On offense we return six starters with two receivers that had 30 catches apiece and a QB that threw for 1,500yds, 15 TD’s and five INT’s,” Huskies coach Lurz said. “On defense we return seven starters and we are looking to be tougher against the run.”