Harford County coaches, players, fans are ready to see high school football again

It’s been nearly two years since high school football teams across Harford County saw action. On Friday, pads will be popping, spikes will be tightly laced and mouth guards will be chewed fiercely as high school football returns.

See team information below.



Head coach: Chris Matlack (fourth year)

Top returning players: Tommy Fisher, Sr. (DT); Terrance Reed, Sr. (OT, DT); Zyair Pannell, Sr. (DB, RB); Meki Credell, Sr. (QB, DB)


Key new players: Tristian Smith, (RB); Kyle Rusmey, (OG, DE); Javari Bowman, Sr. (OT, DE); Jon Lester, Sr. (DE); Raj Hillhouse, Sr. (DB, WR); Gavin Hawkins, Sr. (LB, DE); Jarrett Baker, Sr. (OG)

Outlook: “We are excited to get back on field this season,” coach Matlack said.

Bel Air

Head coach: Eric Siegel (third year)

Top returning players: Jacob Powell, Sr. (RB, LB); Tommy Martino, Sr. (OL, DL); Ashton Grewe, Sr. (QB); Kalil Blunt, Sr. (WR, DB); Jeffrey Hess, Sr. (WR, DB); Cameran Martin, Sr., (WR, DB); Ryan Million, Sr. (OL/DL)


Key new players: Tavon Anderson, So. (WR, LB); Tre Dennis, Jr. (WR, DB); Carter Driscoll, Jr. (OL, DL); William Entner, Jr. (OL, DL); Mason Ferrell, Jr. (TE, DL); Nathan Furrow, Jr. (RB, LB); Micah Graham, Jr. (RB, LB); Jay Perez, Jr. (QB, DB); Savion Ricketts, Jr. (RB, LB); Alex Visconti, Jr. (OL, DL)

Outlook: The Bel Air Bobcats coaching staff is very excited about the mix of youth and senior leadership that has been displayed so far this year. “We like the progress that been made so far and are excited with where the team is headed,” coach Siegel said. “We look forward to improving every single day and watching these young men compete this season.”

C. Milton Wright

Team information was not received for this preview.


Head coach: Keith Rawlings (first year)

Top returning players: Lavar Banks, Sr. (WR, CB, KR); Avon Griffin, Sr. (OT, DE)

Key new players: Larry Brincenco-Lopez, Sr. (QB); Isaiah Martin, Jr. (WR, DB); Erick Williams, Sr. (OL, DL); Timi Oyekunie, Sr. (RB, LB); Obinna Uwalor, Sr. (WR, DB, LB); Kavon Brown, Sr. (WR, DE); Jonathon King, Sr. (RB, LB)

Outlook: “Kids have been working very hard, having a great summer camp and excited to see these kids play and compete,” coach Rawlings said. “It’s been way, too, long for these kids to be away from the game.”


Head coach: Keith Robinson (first year)

Top returning players: Seth Strang, Sr. (OL, DE); Aiden Dixon, Jr. (QB); Kael Sturgis, Jr. (Slot); Ethan Arno, Sr. (OL, DL); Cooper Olson, Sr. (WR); Ethan Arno, Sr. (OL, DL); Vincent Alexandrou, Sr. (OL, DL); Ben Swartzendruber, Jr. (TE, LB)

Key new players: Dylan Wheeler, Sr. (WR, DB); Tyler Terry, Jr. (RB, DE); Ryan Murimi, So. (Slot)

Outlook: The Cougars of 21 will have little resemblance to the 2019 Cougars as Coach Robinson employs his up tempo, no huddle offense which he ran at Perry Hall to the tune of 35 points per game over a 10-year period (2009-2018). Of the 37 players on the Cougars roster, 28 are underclassmen, so they will be young and talented. Robinson coached at Overlea for six years.

Harford Tech

Head coach: Tim Palmer (fourth year)

Top returning players: Kelvin Mendez, Sr. (RB); Travis Walls, Sr. (TE, LB); Zach Rives, Sr. (OL); Will Friend, Sr. (OL); Aaron “AJ” Baldwin, Jr. (OL, DL); Kevine Mendez, Sr. (Ath, DB); Joseph Kanner, Sr. (DL); Joshua Kanner, Sr. (DL)

Key new players: James “Parker” Milton, Sr. (QB); Jaqwan Stokes, Sr. (WR, LB); Quincy Gash, Sr. (DB, RB); Jacob Walker, Jr. (OL); Aaron Feaser, Jr. (OL); Junior Aderomilehin, So. (WR, CB); Nathan Goeller, Sr. (LB); Wyat Dudeck, Sr. (DL, TE); Andrew Ledergerber, Sr. (LB)

Outlook: “Our Cobra program returns some amazing players such as Kelvin Mendez and Travis Walls. Both of them were impact players as sophomores in 2019 with Mendez receiving All-League and All-County Honors. This year’s team will be led by QB James Milton who comes up from JV to replace Cobra legend Ryan Hunt who graduated in 2020,” coach Palmer said. Cobra football is built on Character and Commitment to the classroom, community and the grid iron. “Moving to 1A, we still play a 3A schedule in the Chesapeake Division of the UCBAC. We expect to compete at a high level each week in hopes of faring well in the state tournament at the end of the season. We have a tough road ahead playing a very competitive schedule however, the players came to camp ready to perform,” Palmer said. Joining Palmer (QB coach) on staff are Dale Piercy, Def Coordinator/LB Coach; Mike Kelley, Off Coordinator/RB Coach; Brad Hunt, WR Coach (JV HC); Mark Pippen, OL Coach; Ricky Patricio, DL Coach; Kenny Williams, DB Coach; Anthony Ingoglia, OL Coach; and Ross Ratlif DL/Edge Coach.

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Brian Eberhardt (fifth year)

Top returning players: Chase Hunt, Sr. (QB); Carson Holloway, Sr. (RB, LB); Amir Austin, Jr. (WR, S); Tacari Shepherd, Sr. (RB, CB); Luis Utera, Jr. (OL, LB); Alex Day, Sr. (OL, DL); Edgar (J.J.) Valez, Jr. (OL, DL) Ben Neal, Sr. (OL, DL)

Key new players: Josh Johnson, Jr. (WR, S); Dominic Hyman, Jr. (WR, S); Joseph Spencer, Fr. (OL, DL); Isaiah Valez, So. (WR, CB)

Outlook: “Very young team, looking to improve through the course of the season with playing experience,” coach Eberhardt said.


Head coach: Albert Goode (first year)

Top returning players: Maurice Grayson, Jr., Sr. (OL); Shakur Johnson, Sr. (DB, Ath); Steven Robinson, Jr. (RB, LB); Zach Horton, Jr. (LB); Shawn Cain, Jr. (DB, WR); Nick Webb, Jr. (OL, DL)

Key new players: Yoshua Turner, Sr. LB, FB); Robert Martin, So. (CB, WR); Kendrick Williams, So., (S, WR)

Outlook: “This is a hungry, hardworking team with a mix of new and seasoned players set on being the best they can be,” coach Goode said.

North Harford

Head coach: Justin Martinek (third year)

Top returning players: Brian Hauer, Sr. (WR, FS); Tristian McGregor, Sr. (OL, DL); Owen Smith, Jr. (QB, FS); Wyatt Ralph, Jr. (WR, FS); Brooks Bondura, Jr. (RB, MLB); Garrett Reinecke, Sr. (RB, MLB); Mason Dyckman, Jr. (WR, CB); John Hahn, Sr. (OL, DL)

Key new players: Connor Ballard, Jr. (RB, CB); Giavanni Barbarino, Jr. (OL, DL); Dillion Battaglia, Sr. (WR, CB); Solomon Brundridge, Sr. (OL, DL); Cruz Cespedes, Jr. (WR, OLB); Mason Fried, Jr. (OL, MLB); Josh Garrett, Sr. (WR, CB); Kole Iddings, Sr. (WR, OLB); Oakley Miller, Jr. (WR, OLB); Shane Riley, Jr. (WR, OLB); Nick Sawyer, Sr. (OL, DL); Ben Sersen, Sr. (OL, DL)

Outlook: Coach Martinek says North Harford is very happy that football is back. “We are very fortunate to have eight returning players with varsity experience after missing last year. I am coaching a great group of athletes that work well together and have all of the qualities that you look for in a team,” coach Martinek said. “Looking forward to the challenges that the Chesapeake Division will bring.”

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Steve Lurz (eighth year)

Top returning players: Jason Walker, Sr. (WR); Jonah Vujanic, Sr. (WR, S); Ethan Rutkowski, Sr. (OL, DE)


Key new players: Thomas Rohal, Jr. (QB); Ethan Pridgen, Jr. (WR, DB); Theo Druyer, Jr. (RB, OLB)


Outlook: “We are just excited to be back and have a season this fall,” coach Lurz said.