C. Milton Wright senior Reagan Cushman to play field hockey at McDaniel College

Cushman sisters at C. Milton Wright are Reagan, right, and Riley.
Cushman sisters at C. Milton Wright are Reagan, right, and Riley. (Courtesy of Cushman Family)

C. Milton Wright High School senior Reagan Cushman made her college decision recently and she won’t be too far from home.

Cushman is heading west, but just a few Maryland counties away, having signed to study and play field hockey at McDaniel College in Westminster.


“From the beginning of my recruiting process, I kind of lucked out how I knew I wanted D-3, I wanted a small school and I wanted to stay pretty close to home, which made it really easy to eliminate some schools,” Cushman said of her decision. “So, McDaniel is only like an hour and ten minutes away, so my parents will will always be able to come see my games, so that was one major factor.”

Cushman also pointed out another major reason. “I felt very comfortable on campus, rather than some other schools. As soon as I walked on to campus, I felt at home,” Cushman added. “It’s a beautiful campus, a very small school, but right when you walk on campus, it’s a lot bigger than what you would think.”


At McDaniel, Cushman, who has posted straight A’s the past two quarters at CMW, plans to study early childhood education and she’s considering a minor as well. “I haven’t 100% decided, but I was thinking about minoring in psychology,” Cushman said.

Currently, Cushman gets a good feel for her childhood study with a job at a nearby daycare. “I work weekdays, right after I get done school,” she said. The work is at Celebree five days a week.

As for playing field hockey, Cushman, a forward or midfielder, says that was another key. “That was another reason why I chose McDaniel, because I would have a good chance at getting a good amount of playing time as a freshman,” Cushman said. “The new coach, she was a club coach of mine. She’s kind of rebuilding the team, because the other coaches didn’t really recruit much, so she’s pretty much starting from like the first step.”

The coach is Caitlin Ashley, who coached with H2O Field Hockey. Ashley has also coached at both Fallston and CMW high schools. “She’s a really good coach,” Cushman said.

In the past, Cushman was a gymnast and she also played some lacrosse, but field hockey is her sport.

“One thing I noticed, is, so my dad plays lacrosse, so that was one of the first sports I ever played and I kind of just fell out of love with the sport. I was always dreading going to practice and then I was just losing interest in lacrosse,” Cushman said.

“My mom grew up playing field hockey and she found us some clinics to go to and I was and still am, so excited to go to practice. I never dread a practice, I’m always excited to go and that is one thing that made me, 100 percent know, that I wanted to play at the next level,” Cushman said. “All the coaches at my club [H2O], they’ve been so encouraging and helpful with my recruiting process, like helping me pursue playing at the next level.”

A year ago, Reagan did get the chance to play with younger sister Riley as teammates at CMW. “It was awesome. [Riley] is such a good player, such a good teammate,” Reagan said. “We always have our fights, it was just great and I’m just praying that this year, I’ll get to have a little bit of a season with her.”

The possibility of playing together at CMW remains unclear. “It’s always fun to play with her and my parents love it. Every opportunity, no matter if it’s club or just a little pick up game, if we get to play together, that’s like my parents favorite thing to watch,” Cushman said.

Playing at CMW in her senior year is pretty important to Cushman. “Probably, out of everything that a senior gets to do, it’s the most important thing I want to be able to do,” Cushman said of playing one final season.

Cushman appreciates her CMW coaches, Kelsey Lovelace and Baily Kerr. “They’re probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever had and I’ll be super upset if I don’t get another season with them,” Cushman said. “I was really looking forward to this season, being able to get them to coach me my senior year.”

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