Season or not, Harford’s boys lacrosse teams are anxious, ready for play

The 2020 Spring boys lacrosse season is in question, but teams are ready, even if its no a go.
The 2020 Spring boys lacrosse season is in question, but teams are ready, even if its no a go. (The Aegis file photo)

Folks, with Wednesday’s announcement to further postpone all Maryland schools for another month, it’s all but guaranteed that we will not have a spring high school sports season to cover and enjoy. Thats said, we still want to preview teams and the deserving student-athletes. Here is a look at local boys lacrosse teams.


Head coach: Patrick Mull (sixth season)


2019 record: 8-5

Top returning players: Tommy Carey, Sr. (Def.); Nygel Diggs, Sr. (Def); Nathan Blanken, Sr. (Def); Khalil Benmoha, Sr. (Def); Cade Bergeron, Sr. (Att); Caden Allen, So. (Att); Connor Davis, Sr. (Att); Zach Coogan, Sr. (Mid); Jordan Jenkins, Sr. (Mid); Kyle Addy, Sr. (Mid)


Key new players: Max Williams, Fr. (Att); Nathan Flatau, Fr. (Mid)

Outlook: “We are excited and looking forward to building on the past two successful seasons, winning the Susquehanna Division last season,” Eagles head coach Mull said. “We have been working extremely hard to prepare for the new competition we will be facing in the Chesapeake Division this year and are looking forward to the new challenges.”

Bel Air

Head coach: Doug Testerman (fourth season)

2019 record: 8-9

Top returning players: Andrew Tredinnick, Sr. (Att); Mason Bosley, Sr. (Mid); Dean Dugan, Sr. (Mid); Jonathan Pfeiffer, Sr. (Att); Jacob Grewe, Sr. (Def); Bryce Utz, Sr. (Def); Jason Brunicke, Sr. (Def)

Key new players: Connor Legge, Sr. (Att); Christian Spence, Sr. (Def); Nick Kraemer, Sr. (Def); Joey Butler, Sr. (Mid); Dylan McQuarrie, Sr. (Mid); Nate Bennett, Sr. (Mid); Braden Edwards, Jr. (GK)

Outlook: “Looking forward to competing for a county championship with a senior-led team,” Bobcats coach Testerman said.

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Andrew Gerard (23rd season)

2019 record: 10-8

Top returning players: Ethan Little, Sr. (Def); Eli Rever, Sr. (Def); Colin Gardner, Sr. (GK); John Salsbury, Jr. (GK); Ryan Roszko, Sr. (Mid); Joe Canepa, Sr. (Mid); Brent Moody, Sr. (Mid); Quinten Hatfield, Jr. (Mid); Blane Dail, Jr. (Att); Brennan Lorence, Jr. (Att); Nick Domzalski, Jr. (Att)

Key new players: Still to be determined

Outlook: “We are very excited about the potential for this team. We return nine starters from a team that went undefeated in league play in 2019 and lost in the region finals,”Mustangs coach Gerard said. CMW has a very strong defense led by two, first team All-Harford players and two very good goalies. Also, a very deep midfield led by the middies mentioned above and a potent attack led by the three returning players mentioned. This group has not lost a league game since April ‘17. “We have a very tough out of conference schedule and will be tested throughout the regular season. We hope that this will prepare us well to make a deep playoff run," Gerard said.



Head coach: Stephen Ross (fourth season)

2019 record: 5-8

Top returning players: Humberto Brinceo, Sr. (Att); Theo Cook, Sr. (Att); Payton O’Mara, Sr. (LSM); Travis Burton, Jr. (Def); Zach Mateo, Sr. (Def); Mikey Stiemly, Sr. (Att); Dante Hiett, Sr. (Mid)

Key new players: Corey Potter, Jr. (FOGO)

Outlook: Edgewood is led by a strong group of seniors that have been playing together for the last four years and the Rams look to improve upon the 2019 record.


Head coach: Chuck Muir (fourth season)

2019 record: 7-11

Top returning players: Evan Blum, Sr. (Att); Matt White, Sr. (Att); Drew Claffee, Sr. (Att); Pete Buckler, Jr. (Mid); Caleb Hemmerich, Sr. (Mid); Noah McFalls, Sr. (Mid); Lucas Dees, Sr. (Mid); Jack Maranto, Sr. (Mid); Julian Businsky, Jr. (Def); Chris Filicko, Sr. (Def); Brennan Budke, Sr. (Def); Logan Mullaney, Sr. (Def)' Jack Emmett, Jr. (GK)

Key new players: Lucas Hurlburt, Fr. (Att); Noah Richard, Jr. (Mid); Remy Harding, Jr. (Mid); Aidan Dixon, Fr. (Mid); Xander Hilyard, Jr. (Def); Mark Smith, So. (Def); Josh MacMillan, Jr. (Def); Mitchell Streett, Sr. (Def)

Outlook: “Looking to improve on last year’s season, with experience returning at all positions,” Cougars coach Muir said. “Several newcomers looking to contribute right away and the team has been working hard.”

Harford Tech

Head coach: Rob Gaines (first season)

2019 record: 1-12-1

Top returning players: Kevin Peters, Sr. (GK); Colin Moxey, Sr. (Def); Jake Arcilesi, Jr. (Def): Garret Bernard, Jr. (GK); Eric Smith, Jr. (FO/Mid)

Key new players: Dylan Mulligan, Jr. (Mid); Jake LaRue, So. (LSM); Parker Milton, So. (Mid); Rob Okougbo, So. (Mid); Drew Wozar, Fr. (Att)

Outlook: Coach Gaines is very excited to take over the Tech Lacrosse program and to have the opportunity to develop some of the smartest and most capable student-athletes in Harford County. The outlook on the 2020 season is all positive with a solid core of returning upperclassmen and the addition of some very talented underclassmen. The team will be lead by a strong group of long poles at both close-D/LSM and will be supported by two solid goalies, Bernard and Peters. The offense will be triggered by one of the best face-off middies in the area, Smith, and will be complimented by an aggressive group of middies and attack that possess a diverse set of skills. Although young and somewhat inexperienced, the ceiling for this group of Cobras is high and they will surely be competitive this season.

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Jason Bellamy (First season)

2019 record: 11-6

Top returning players: Tommy Meehan, Sr. (Mid); Michael Sweigart, Jr. (Att); Brandon Rabbit, Sr. (Mid); Tanner Thompson, Sr. (Def)

Key new players: Carson Holloway, Sr. (Mid); Keegan Ellis, Fr. (Def)

Outlook: The team has started the season learning and building in a new system and they are working to put the pieces together to fill some gaps and find roles for every player on the team to create depth. The team will lean on the seniors to provide leadership early in the season as others get more comfortable in their roles. The teachers, parents and school staff have done a great job molding the individuals in this program into impressive young men. “Coach Grubb, Coach Tallon, and I are working to put them in the situations where they can be successful and reach their full potential in hopes that results in team success,” Warriors head coach Bellamy said.

John Carroll

Head coach: Don Reynolds (first season)

2019 record: 6-11

Top returning players: Tyler Rosso, Sr. (Def); Garrett McNulty, Sr. (Att); Ethan Thomson, Jr. (LSM); Elie Fraiji, Jr. (Def); Connor Boyle, Jr. (Def); Cole Nichter, Jr. (Def); Evan Erhardt, So. (GK); Alex Mink, So. (Mid); Travis Smith, So. (Mid); Cam Carrigan, So. (Att); Max Snellenburg, So. (Att)

Key new players: Alex Stewart, So. (GK); Logan Trombley, So. (Mid); Athan Barmer, So. (Mid); Jack Owen, Jr. (Def)

Outlook: "We are excited for another opportunity to compete in the MIAA "A" Conference. This preseason we focused on the understanding that culture precedes positive results, and that winning is the result of a winning standard of performance. When you compete in the nation’s best lacrosse conference you have to handle adversity and finish every play that is in front of you. We needed to get tougher in 2020 and I believe we have," Patriots coach Reynolds said. “Our senior class, led by Rosso, has embraced our team goals and winning standards. They will be counted on for their leadership as we prepare to take a competitive step forward in conference play. Our sophomore and junior classes gained valuable experience in 2019 and we have high expectations of them entering the spring of 2020. Our goal is to finish every play this spring and to continue to build a strong foundation for the future of Patriot lacrosse.”



Head coach: Steve McElroy (third season)


2019 record: 0-12

Top returning players: Donnie Lyons, Jr. (Mid): Jacob McElroy, Sr. (Att); Jonathan Trostle, Sr. (Def): Cole Provini, Jr. (Att); Zach Strong, So. (Def)

Key new players: Josh Steinmiller, Fr. (GK); Carl McMahon, So. (Mid); Cristian Martinez, Jr. (Mid); Deji Bamidele, So. (Mid); Luke Harrison, Fr. (Def); Isaiah Negron, Fr. (Mid); Wyatt Smith, Fr. (Mid/Def); Nik Webb, Fr. (Att)

Outlook: “Limited numbers with no rec feeder program and no JV squad will make this a tough year,” Mariners coach McElroy said. “Two-thirds of the team are freshmen and sophomores as well, but all are excited to be here and are looking forward to playing and learning.”

North Harford

Head coach: Rich Tabeling (second season)

2019 record: 8-8

Top returning players: Austin Borns, Sr. (Att); Logan Wilson, Sr. (Att); Will Becker, Sr. (Att); Austin Smith, Sr. (Mid); Tyler Saneman, Sr. (Mid); Derek Caiazzo, Jr. (Mid); JT Duley, Sr. (Mid); Noah Dehart, Sr. (Def); Tanner Showalter, Sr. (GK); Nick Ciampaglio, So. (LSM); Zac Sheppard, Sr. (FOGO); Will Becker, Sr. (Att)

Key new players: Lucas Sexton, Jr. (Def); Matt Biederman, Jr. (Mid); Evan Allred, Sr. (Mid); Josh Etzel, Jr. (Def); Dylan Jablon, Jr. (Att); Eddie Brittain, Sr. (Att); Austin Penman, Sr. (Def); Patrick Sullivan, Sr. (Def); Cole Wardle, Jr. (Def); Sean Mohr, Sr. (Mid); Nathan McCue, Sr. (Mid)

Outlook: The Hawks are led by a very experienced group of seniors. “These seniors have driven the change in our program and will make our team very competitive in 2020,” Hawks coach Tabeling said. “Also, we have a group of young players that have been on the path to live up to the standards the seniors have set.”

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Raymond Paquin (first season)

2019 record: 18-1 (1A state champions)

Top returning players: Travis Karwatka, Sr. (Mid); Jack Brown, Sr. (Def); Chris Blackwell, Sr. (LSM/Def); Ethan Kroll, So. (GK); Will Pape, So. (Def)

Key new players: Jake Matson, Fr. (Att); Josh Shores, Fr. (Def); Cole Figurelle, So. (Att)

Outlook: After some major key players from last year graduated, the Huskies are gearing up for another run at a state title. “While we will be a young team this year, we have some great senior leaders that will work hard to bring this team together and get the younger guys up to speed,” Huskies coach Paquin said.

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