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Eight area baton twirlers bring home a combined 39 medals from AAU Junior Olympics

Eight members of the TwirlTasTix baton twirling team combined to win 39 medals last month at the AAU Junior Olympics. The twirlers also competed in the NBTA National Championships and secured several top-ten finishes.

The NBTA National Championships were held at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, and the AAU Junior Olympics in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Twirlers attending are Meghan Zoll, Hannah Fender, Gianna Houck, Anna Smith, Cameron Houck, Leika Kimbrough, Lily Orsburn and Gwen O’Donnell.

“So proud of this team and hoping to keep the whole program growing,” said Christine Zoll, director and coach of TwirlTasTix.


Orsburn won the Dan Gailbrath Award at AAU, an award given to one athlete by the judges for excellent placement, athleticism and good sportsmanship. Orsburn and Gianna Houck teamed to win the Team High Point Award at AAU.

Seven of the eight twirlers are feature twirlers at local high schools. Fender and Gianna Houck are recent graduates and both will be Golden Girl feature twirlers at the University of Delaware in the fall.

At the national championships, three of four teams placed top 10 with two of the duets placing first (one in beginner and one in intermediate). The advanced duet placed seventh.

The group had four other first places and several top 10 solo placements.

At AAU Junior Olympics the group won 10 gold, 22 silver and seven bronze medals for 39 total.

Individual totals were Orsburn, six gold and five silver; O’Donnell, one silver; Cameron Houck, three silver and two bronze; Meghan Zoll, one silver; Kimbrough, four silver and three bronze; Smith, four silver and one bronze; and Gianna Houck, four gold, four silver and one bronze.