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Harford high school baseball teams ready to play 2021 season

It has been far too long for high school baseball teams across Harford County to be back in the grass and dirt, but fortunately the players and coaches are back and they couldn’t be happier. The 2021 baseball season begins this week.

Here’s a look at teams across Harford County.



Head coach: Bob Arnold (fourth year)

Top players: to watch: Brian Langbein, Sr. (INF, P); Steven Schmidt, Sr. (OF, P); Isaiah Coxon, Sr. (INF, P); Sean Deaner, Jr. (INF); Tyler Sampson, Jr. (INF); Antwon Wright, Jr. (OF); Nate Caughron, Jr. (INF, P); Will Hart, So. (INF, OF, P); Ryan Brinegar, Fr. (C); KJ Miller, Fr. (INF, OF, P); Will Hagan, Fr. (OF, P)


Season outlook: “We will be inexperienced at many key spots, but this young group is bringing lots of energy each day,” coach Arnold said. “We are enjoying getting back to baseball and look forward to getting the season started.”

Bel Air

Head coach: Jon Andrews (second year)

Top players to watch: Cole Meyer, Sr. (P, 3B); Jack Snyder, Jr. (P, 3B); Dyllon Barrett, Jr. (P, SS); Collin Palmieri, Jr. (P, SS); Brenden Purtell, Sr. (OF); Anthony Barnhart, Sr. (SS, 2B); Logan Knorr, Sr. (OF); James Carrier, Sr. (P, OF)

Season outlook: “Humbled by the premature conclusion of last season and losing nine seniors, we’re looking to reload with a majority junior-led team,” coach Andrews said. “Senior leadership from Meyer and Purtell will be important to our success in 2021. Excited to coach a solid group of young men who are equally excited to continue the tradition of Bobcat Baseball.”

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: Mike Amaral (third year)

Top players to watch: Lucas Frezza, Jr. (SS); Max Scurti, Jr. (P, 2B); Joe Burns, Sr. (P, 3B); Jon Klein, Jr. (P, OF)

Season outlook: “After the state championship game two years ago, we were really excited going into last year, only to have the season come to an abrupt end. Since then, we’ve gained a greater appreciation for the time we have at practice and are grateful for the opportunity to play the game we all love,” coach Amaral said.


Head coach: Greg Rodenbaugh (fifth year)


Top players to watch: Antonio Gautreaux, Sr. (P, OF); Samuel Neisser, Jr. (SS); Mathew Murdock, So. (P, 1B); M. Andrew Mathias, So. (C); Andrew Saulsbury, Jr. (1B)

Season outlook: This has certainly been a different and challenging year for everyone...worldwide. We have had many obstacles to overcome, that no one would have ever expected and I am happy to have our student athletes and my coaching staff back on the field,” coach Rodenbaugh said. “We are just going to take it one game at a time and hope to have as successful a season as possible. I don’t want us focusing on the past. All we can hope is we stay healthy, and the worst of our injuries just requires a little dirt rubbed on it. If everything goes right, we will all have a successful return to high school baseball. I am encouraged and looking forward to playing more games in 2021 than we did in 2020.”


Head coach: Grant Morlock, Jr. (eighth year)

Top players to watch: Lance Ables, Sr. (OF); Miguel Agramonte, Sr. (OF); Jake Bogdan, Sr. (C); Zach Chapman, Sr. (RHP); Joe Gizinski, Sr. (SS); Aiden Koster, Sr. (OF, LHP); Collin Lipinski, Sr. (OF, RHP); Nathan Popp, Sr. (INF); Kevin Roberts, Sr. (OF, RHP)

Season outlook: “We are just looking forward to playing some games this season after the abrupt end to the 2020 season. I expect the UCBAC to be very balanced this year and we are ready to compete against the best from Harford and Cecil County,” coach Morlock said. “We have a good mix of upperclassmen with varsity experience from the 2019 regional championship team along with a solid group of underclassmen ready to contribute from day one. Our expectations this year are to compete for an UCBAC Chesapeake Division title and another run at the regional championship and beyond.”

Harford Tech

Head coach: Paul Daniele (13th year)


Top players to watch: Conor Henderson, Sr. (SS, P); Parker Smith, Sr. (C); Austin Utterbaugh, Sr. (P, OF, 1B); Dominick Ward, Sr. (OF); Gage Summers, Sr. (INF, P); Melvin Bagamsah, Sr. (2B); Benjamin Byers, Jr. (OF,P); Wyatt Dudeck, Jr. (P, OF); Justin Graf, Jr. (SS); Zach Rives, Jr. (1B); Joseph Kanner, So. (INF, P); Joshua Kanner, So. (INF, P); Joshua Morton, So. (P, OF); Brady Reise, So. (SS, C, P); CJ Skandalis, Sr. (2B, OF); Sean Hooper, Sr. (OF, P)

Season outlook: “We know that under the circumstance we are lucky to be having a spring sports season. We are a young team that is working hard so we can compete in the Chesapeake Division of the UCBAC, which is one of the toughest baseball conferences in the state,” coach Daniele said. “With no season last year and losing many starters, we have a lot of position battles taking place. We have two main goals this season, first and foremost, have fun and second be competitive. The Cobras wish a healthy season to all spring athletes.”

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Chad Blevins (11th year)

Top players to watch: Frank Siano, Sr. (P, 1B, 3B); Connor Ignozzi, Sr. (CF); Brayden Gruzs, Sr. (P, 3B, 1B); Connor Howes, Sr. (OF, P); Ryan Hopps, Sr. (P, UTIL); Brady Strong, Sr. (P, OF); Logan Forsythe, Sr. (P, OF); Keegan Cruzs, Jr. (C); Chase Hunt, Jr. (3B); Damon Presberry, Jr. (P, INF, OF); Josh Rathburn, So. (UTIL); Brady Walker, Fr. (P, SS); Taylor Blevins, Fr. (P, UTIL)

Season outlook: “We have outstanding senior leadership and 6-of-7 seniors are pitchers that look to give us nice depth on the mound this season,” coach Blevins said. Siano is the ace of the staff and is expected to have a big season for the Warriors. “Keegan Gruzs is smart behind the plate and has a strong arm and Hunt is expected to give us solid defense on the hot corner and he also hits well,” Blevins said. “The warriors are poised to be back on the field and are looking forward to competition.”

John Carroll

Head coach: Darrion Siler (sixth year)


Top players to watch: Frank Adamski, So. (3B, P); Ethan Ruiz, So. (SS); Will Weiman, Jr. (P, 2B); Ben Pierce, Jr. (LHP, 1B, OF); Matt Archibald, Jr. (P, 1B); Mason Deletis, Jr. (UTIL); Brandon Dumler, Jr. (UTIL); Cody Kurek, Sr. (CF); Michael Gibson-Robinson, Sr. (P, UTIL)

Season outlook: John Carroll Patriots Baseball is looking to compete at the highest levels of baseball in the great state of Maryland. The Patriots are a young and relentless team with something to prove as they look to compete for a top spot in the MIAA “A” Conference this year. The pitching for the Patriots will be key in their success as sophomore Adamski, Archibald, Pierce, Weiman and senior Gibson-Robinson all show tremendous ability to shut teams down across the league. Alumni Field at Kutcher Foundation Stadium is the new home of the Patriots, as the new turf field was opened for use just last week. “It is a very exciting time for Patriots Baseball, with plenty of talent in the program and more on the way,” coach Siler said. “Selfless, Relentless, Pride. That is what we stand for at JC Patriots Baseball, that’s what we expect from our guys. We’ve got a great group of players, families and supporters in our community. The future is bright for the program. Looking forward to seeing the boys compete this year, glad that we are able to have a full season this year.”


Head coach: Jason King (fourth year)

Top players to watch: Bailey McCarthy, Sr. (C); Keshon Webb, Jr. (UTIL)

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Season outlook: “This years’ team is extremely young. We have five freshman, two sophomores, three juniors and one senior. We are returning one starter from two years ago,” coach King said.

North Harford

Head coach: Tim Larrimore (31st year)


Top players to watch: Charlie Canapp, Sr. (C); Kevin Halford, Sr. (1B); Jeremy Weber, Sr. (P, 1B); Mitchell Wittkamp, Sr. (P, 2B); Patrick Weber, Sr. (2B); Keegan Bowling, Sr. (P, SS); Austin Bach, Sr. (OF); Gavin Barker, Sr. (P, OF); Jackson Miller, Sr. (UTIL); Brian Hauer, Jr. (OF); Kole Iddings, Jr. (3B)

Season outlook: “If we can stay COVID free, we should have a nice baseball team this year. They have been a joy to coach during the first couple of weeks. We will ride our solid pitching and catching,” coach Larrimore said.

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Matt Roseland (14th year)

Top players to watch: Christian Shertzer, Sr. (SS); Evan Celuch, Sr. (1B, LHP); Mike Segreti, Sr. (CF); Caleb Heymann, Sr. (C)

Season outlook: “In our short time together, we have experienced a lot of growth as a team. We anticipate to be lead by our seniors (6 or 7 starters) while our young guys continue to grow and develop. Our numbers continue to be low but we will once again plan to be competitive as a small school in the upper division (UCBAC Chesapeake Division),” coach Roseland said. “We look to seniors Shertzer, Celuch and Chris DeCamp to lead us on the mound. Segreti while anchor our outfield in center while Heymann will handle duties behind the plate. We will look to Ethan Shertzer and Jackson Wheeler to help round out our infield positions.”