Donations to the Aberdeen Room Museum come from many sources, and often are very unusual. Telephone calls from near and far contain questions. In some cases, questions are whether we would be interested in certain items. Often we are offered items that do not pertain to the Aberdeen area, so we try to suggest a more suitable museum.

Some weeks ago we had just such a question. Would we be interested in some very old contact lenses and glasses? We already have some old eye glasses, but no contact lenses. Of course we would!


Some very elaborate looking lenses that were worn by Master Sgt. John William Straus were brought by Jean Kneebone. They were offered to others, she said, but they either had such lenses, or had no need for them. Because of the source of the donation, we were delighted. And baffled by the large size of the lenses! How could one get such large objects into the eye? Their actual age could not be determined, but at least from 70 years ago.

Back to donations made about organizations and residents that are historically relevant, but of a more usual nature.

From the Printing Press come publications pertaining to schools and organizations from many years ago. "Harford Schools" is publication that started with the Harford County Board of Education in 1957. This donation is from 1958. It contained an article about school lunches served in the Harford schools at the time. There were 21 school cafeterias serving 1,204,517 lunches in Harford!

There is a program from 1959 for the National Music Week Concert by the 324th Army Band from Aberdeen Proving Ground on May 8, 1959. It was sponsored by the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce. From 1958 is a program from the Second Army Area Tennis Championship. Also a program from the Aberdeen Proving Ground "Off-Duty Activities for 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961.

From 1955 is a program from "Gentlemen be Seated" by the Women of the Moose.

Also in 1955 is a book "Household Tips" given by the First National bank of Aberdeen. It is in the museum library.

From 1957 is a program "Pause" by the Lions Club of Aberdeen.

From May 1963 there is a program from the Ben Ray Day at the Redwood Inn. Remember Ben? The Redwood Inn? The toastmaster was Robert Waters.

From the Printing Press are old menus. Remember the A & P Restaurant at 16 S. Philadelphia Blvd.? This one is from 1955, and fried chicken dinner was $1.50.

There is a menu from the New Ideal Diner from 1964. A T-bone steak dinner was $2.50. From 1964 is a menu from the Mayflower Restaurant when a salmon steak dinner was $1.75.

What memories!