Donations to the Aberdeen Room continue

Historic items continue to be found by thoughtful visitors to the Aberdeen Room archives and museum. Volunteers themselves find very valuable ones for display and records for the archival files.

Barbara Baker found an Aberdeen High School album made by the music department in 1964. This is filed with other albums from years past in the school files.


There is also a calendar from 1964 given to customers of Exxon Service that has photos of antique cars she found in the Baker family files. It is now part of the museum library.

The Aberdeen High School Class of 1969 donated the flag that was flown over the Capitol of the United States at the time of their recent reunion. It will be shown in the School Corner of the Aberdeen Room in memory of the AHS 1969 classmates who have passed away.

Bob Elliott donated a corn husking tool for Museum Canning display. We are reminded of the importance of corn to the economic growth of Aberdeen.

Remember the Aberdeen Arsenals baseball team back in 2000? In the sports display is a fuzzy bear from their second year wearing an Arsenals T-shirt.

Rotary telephones are antiques. Mike and Bettye Danish donated one for display. They also donated a souvenir from ballplayer Billy Ripken.

In the Museum Library is a tape of "Cal's Moment in Time" in 1995 when he surpassed the legendary consecutive game record set by Lou Gehrig. This was donated by Patricia Hooker.

Ben Smith, from his former Printing Press, found a newsletter from the Aberdeen High School Class of 1962 titled "The Blue and Old" at the time of their reunion.

Over the many years we, ourselves, have taken many photographs, and collected many historic items that we have found and donated to the Aberdeen Room.


There is a clipping from the "Harford Sun" from October 1989 about the newly elected officers of Historical Society of Harford County. There is also a 1990 proposal for the Historical Society at the time of the move to the old Bel Air Post Office.

We also donated our copy of the "Aberdeen Fire Department Volunteer Service for 125 Years" that was given to the attendees of their March 29 banquet. There are photos we took of the exterior of Aberdeen Fire Department buildings. There are photos of West Bel Air Avenue and Old Philadelphia Road. We used many of these to sketch for the "Sketches of Village to Town to City." They have been placed in Aberdeen Neighborhoods files.

There are photos of Grove Church Cemetery that have been added to the Grove Church files.

We have saved the "Ordnance" magazine from January/February 1961. There is also a clipping from the "Aegis" that the "Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground Will Not be Reopening." We included our copy of the "By-Laws of the "Officers' Open Mess at Aberdeen Proving Ground." These are important items for our large APG collections and files.

There are photos of Sen. Millard Tydings that are added to the Tydings family file.

Included is our letter from the former Ripken Museum in January 1996 to the charter club of the Ripken Museum.