Years go by and changes are made in some old buildings that we thought we would never forget. But we do.

In the old newspaper file books that are kept in the Aberdeen Room Archives, we found very interesting photos that quickly brought back memories of downtown Aberdeen years ago.


From the "Harford Democrat and Aberdeen Enterprise" of 1948 there is an article about two Aberdeen landmarks that made way for the new building for the volunteer Aberdeen Fire Department. Yes, the former Aberdeen Town Office and Fire Department made way for the new Fire Department in 1948, and that date still remains on the cornerstone on West Bel Air Avenue. The bidder for the new construction was Charles B. Osborn.

In 1948, a headline reads "Aberdeen's Newest Business Section" on Howard Street. The photo show Cook's Meat Market and R.L. Tarring's Auto Supply. It also shows Jack Carson's City Tailors. Remember them? Today, it is the area where our Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum is at 18 Howard St.

Other old records show a program from 1942. It is an old Aberdeen Proving Ground program "Welcome to Army Day at Ordnance Replacement Center." That was on April 6, 1942.

A newspaper clipping from August 1942 tells of a B&O Railroad wreck that started a large oil blaze.

Then in 1943 a headline read "Harford's Greatest Historic Treasure" with a story about the Harford Declaration of Independence.

Another 1943 article about Harford's Maj. Gen. Milton Reckord, who was provost marshal of the European Theatre.

Printed materials saved at the Printing Press contain a brochure from the St. Paul Lutheran Church in 1957. There is also a brochure from the Grace Methodist Church in 1960.

There is a booklet from the PEO Chapter H, that was organized on Oct. 27, 1959.

Even a book, now in the museum library, is the "Subdivision Regulations of Aberdeen" in 1959. This also came from the Printing Press.

Ed Illick donated his "Military Atlas" for the library.

Printed brochures also tell stories of local sports in Aberdeen. There is a program from 1960 that reads "Aberdeen Affiliated with Little League Baseball in March of 1960." The organization was headed by President Emmet O'Brien, Vice President Myrle Riddle, Secretary Wilson Grace and Treasurer Pershing Volkart.

There are also records from Aberdeen Proving Ground. "Rules and Etiquette for Special Services Golf Course." A newsletter "The APG Chapel Courier back in 1963." APG welcomed the new Jewish Chaplain Simm Potok.