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John Carroll senior makes 'Happy' video to thank school

A senior international student came up with an interesting to say thank you to the school he's been attending for the last two years.

William Du is from China and will be graduating last this month, and "he wanted to say thank you to the students and faculty," Laura Lang, director of marketing for the school in Bel Air, said. So he made a video of students, faculty and staff dancing to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.


The description of the video, which was published on youtube March 23, reads “50 years anniversary, 34 students, 21 teacher, faculty members, 3 weeks, 2 directors, and 1 VIDEO!! I really appreciate everyone who participates and supports this video!! This video will be used in the spring concert!!! Come to see the concert!!”

Besides being posted on YouTube, the video was also sent to John Carroll alumni.

"It kind of blew up," Lang said.


It starts with a girl dancing as she enters the school, then switches to various other students in different parts of the building – classrooms, the chapel, the cafeteria, the television studio – as students and others dance along to the song.

Some dance well, some not-so-well. But they all look like they're having fun.

Producer, editor, director, boss and Mr. Awesomeville is Du, whose assistant director, optimistic, cheerful was Maha Khan, also a senior. It ends with Du holding up his fingers one at a time, with the letters of Happy on each one, with "JC" and a smiling mouth on his palm.

You can’t help but smile when you see it. It’s happy,” Lang said. “The students love it, too.”