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Bel Air lacrosse league for women plays on

Despite losing a couple nights of play because of bad weather, the Bel Air Women's Summer Lacrosse League dodged the rain Thursday and played both scheduled games at Rockfield Park's Ewing Street Field.

In the night's first game, Recyclables (7-1) continued to dominate the opposition, rolling past 'Murica (4-3-1), 14-6. The winners led at the half, 7-3.


Sara Chesla and Gina Maranto had the hot scoring hands for Recyclables with three goals each, while Paige Orpin, Abbey Sasdelli and Alexis Susa each tallied two goals. Lisa Labre and Susie Snee added single goals and Snee and Susa also had assists.

Jessica Tenly and Kim Eraso led 'Murica with two goals apiece, while Chelsea Wathne and Marisa Braungart had single goals.


Kaitlyn Neumiester, a player from Little Miss Moonshine, played the first 15 minutes in goal for Recyclables and recorded one save. Recyclables goalie Grace Deckert then took over and finished the game with five saves.

'Murica goalie Emily Deaver made six saves.

In game two, the Dark Knights (4-3-1) were equally impressive in a 14-4 win over Little Miss Moonshine (2-6).

Melissa Warczynski tossed in four goals to guide the winners and Katie Fonte netted three goals. Brooke Prater and Rileigh Cypher each had two goals, while single goals were scored by Makenzie Aponte, Aloise Diedrich and Gina Reid. Prater dished out three assists and Montaiju Galmore contributed one assist.

Kathleen Pumb scored twice in the loss and single goals were scored by Alora Gullivan and Sara Bracey.

Roxanne Diedrich made four saves in the Dark Knights goal, while Neumeister had two goals in the loss.

The league will be back in action Tuesday, after taking Thursday night off to celebrate the July 4th holiday.