Harford schools offices to be closed June 19 for systemwide critical incident training

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The Harford school system will continue its efforts next Wednesday — the day after schools are dismissed for the summer — to have all staff trained to response to a critical incident.

School offices in Harford County will be closed Wednesday, June 19, so staff can participate in critical response training, which in Harford is called Active Assailant Critical Response Training.

It is a coordinated effort between the school system, Harford County Sheriff’s Office and Harford County government and was developed in response to the 2018 Maryland Safe to Learn Act passed by the Maryland General Assembly in April 2018 that mandates all Maryland school systems implement an active assailant training.

“We have made great progress this year,” Superintendent Sean Bulson said at Monday’s Harford County Board of Education meeting. “We have a tremendous partnership with the community government and law enforcement agencies to help ensure we are trained, and well-trained.”

Harford began its training program in November. Bulson expects staff should be trained by the end of 2019 and all students should be trained by the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

“We committed early in the year to ensure all employees are trained,” Bulson said.

The training Wednesday will be an “all hands on deck” training, said Bulson, who will be helping deliver the training at Fallston High School.

“When you think about any sort of critical incident that occurs in our schools, those answering the phones, those watching the doors, people on the front lines — we need them as part of the training also,” Bulson said. “This way they can attend with their team, which is very unusual.”

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