An updated advertising policy for Harford County Public Schools was approved by the Harford County Board of Education at its meeting Monday night.

The policy, which board members debated for most of 2013, was approved 9-1 at the board's meeting in Bel Air. Board member Robert Frisch cast the dissenting vote.


The advertising policy is separate from the school system's policy for naming school facilities after individuals – the board approved a revised version of that policy in the spring of 2013.

Advertising is prohibited "In or about property owned or controlled by HCPS including any publications owned, controlled or under the authority of HCPS," with several exceptions, according to the policy.

Ads are allowed in school and school system publications to "defray the cost of the publication;" they can also be used to help cover construction costs for school facilities or school system activities, as well as those that are "informational regarding post-secondary career and educational opportunities."

Board members debated in April who would be responsible for advertising contracts; the policy approved Monday requires school principals to approve contracts, and "the applicable executive director," if more than one school is involved.

The school system's manager of communications would approve "systemwide" advertising contracts.

The school system's Office of General Counsel is also responsible for reviewing and approving written contracts.

Board members voted 8-2 in favor of a revised policy regarding collecting money from students for various activities and expenses.

The revised policy allowed school officials to collect money for lunches, outdoor education materials, graduations, yearbooks, student photos, scholastic accident insurance and extracurricular activities "at the discretion of the Board."

Member Alysson Krchnavy and student representative Ben Barsam voted against the revisions.

Survey results presented

School officials presented the results of the state's TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning) survey and the school system's Student Motivation Survey.

Harford County students and staff were polled on their views on the educational, social and physical environment of their schools in early 2013.

The surveys were voluntary and anonymous.