A man who has been convicted of sexually assaulting two women in less than a year between 2005 and 2006 in Harford County received a maximum life sentence Thursday for one of the attacks.

Glenn Joseph Raynor, 49, formerly of Forest Hill, was sentenced by Harford County Circuit Court Judge Judge M. Elizabeth Bowen to serve a life sentence plus 10 years for sexually assaulting an Abingdon woman in July 2005, according to the Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office.


Raynor was found guilty of a first-degree sex offense, second-degree sex offense and a third-degree sex offense by a jury on Sept. 4. According to court records, his public defenders have already filed a notice of appeal.

In a news release, the State’s Attorney’s Office noted that in addition to the sentence being the maximum, “it was ordered to be served consecutive to the sentence that he is currently serving for another sexual assault that took place in April of 2006 in Bel Air.”

In that case, Raynor was found guilty of first-degree rape and two first-degree sex offenses by a jury in 2009 and sentenced to a total of 100 years in prison. He has been incarcerated at Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, according to the Department of Corrections online inmate locater.

“Raynor’s actions were incredibly predatory and violent,” stated the State’s Attorney’s Office news release, which quoted Deputy State’s Attorney Diane Adkins-Tobin’s statement to the judge during the sentencing hearing. “He followed the victim to her home, grabbed her from her front porch, overpowered her by stopping her breathing and blindfolded her in order to disorient her before taking her and sexually assaulting her.”

“Raynor poses a threat and a danger to every woman and he should never draw another breath as a free man,” said Adkins-Tobin, who prosecuted the case with Assistant State’s Attorney Jason Allen.

The victim’s statement to the judge at the sentencing was also quoted from in the release: “...the events that took place that night still haunt me to this day. The body heals and over time, the physical bruises and wounds disappear, but the heart and mind carry the pain and torment for an eternity.”

Charges were brought against Raynor for the 2005 assault in February after the Harford County Sheriff’s Office reopened the investigation of four unsolved rape cases by submitting DNA samples for testing against rape kit evidence in the assaults, the Sheriff’s Office and prosecutors said following Raynor’s conviction last month.

Raynor’s DNA, which was in the state’s database from his 2009 conviction, proved a match to the rape kit from the 2006 assault in which a 25-year-old Abingdon woman, returning from a night out with friends, was abducted from the front porch of her home, blindfolded with a T-shirt and sexually assaulted, before being left along the side of the road in Abingdon, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The victim in the 2005 assault, which occurred inside her home, was also blindfolded by her assailant and raped. The victim told investigators she suspected Raynor, whose DNA was taken from a chair he had sat in during an interrogation and later matched to DNA from blood and a pillowcase found at the crime scene, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The State’s Attorney’s Office news release commended the Sheriff’s Office and Det. Greg Dietz, who re-opened the 2005 case.

Harford man facing second life sentence after second sex assault conviction

A Harford County man, already serving 100 years for a rape conviction 11 years ago, was recently convicted of a second, unrelated sexual assault a year earlier and could face a life sentence for that conviction, a prosecutor said.