Ravens gear rolls out of Harford stores in tsunami of frenzied fans

Andrea and Mark Ensor stock up on some Ravens AFC Championship gear at the Poor Boys store in Abingdon Wednesday afternoon.
Andrea and Mark Ensor stock up on some Ravens AFC Championship gear at the Poor Boys store in Abingdon Wednesday afternoon. (PHOTO BY MATT BUTTON | AEGIS STAFF)

Ravens fans in Harford County have gone absolutely nuts over the team's shirts, hats and other gear this week.

After the team's win over New England Patriots in the AFC Championship on Sunday, it was a foregone conclusion that the Ravens bandwagon would grow. And, it's only natural Harford fans would want to look the part.


What has transpired in the ensuing four days at local stores carrying Ravens gear might, however, be reasonably described as a tsunami of frenzied fans looking for their favorite team's stuff, with lines at many popular places early in the week and Ravens merchandise exploding off the shelves.

In the Bel Air area, stores like Dick's, Kohl's and Target were doing a brisk business in Ravens gear on Monday.


At Poor Boy's, the Abingdon sports apparel store stocked wall-to-wall with Baltimore sports merchandise, Ravens gear was already being sold right after Sunday night's game. The store kept special hours from 10 p.m. to midnight, hours when it is normally closed.

"We sold out all of the AFC [championship] stuff we had at that time within 20 minutes [of the store opening]," Manager Dawn Moskos said Tuesday

The store enjoyed a steady steam of customers on Monday, too. At 7 a.m., three hours before the store even opened, there was a line of about 20 people outside, Moskos said.

"It was non-stop when I came in," Moskos said. "I couldn't give any [employees] a bathroom break until quarter of 4."

"We probably sold 5,000 shirts [Monday], if not more, in addition to pictures," Moskos added, referring to Ravens wall art. "Everyone wants Ray Lewis pictures."

Customers are mostly buying Ravens hats and T-shirts mentioning the team as AFC Champions, Moskos said. Hoodies, ladies-cut shirts and long sleeve shirts are also selling well.

"We've sold three cases of hats [so far]," Moskos said. "Any AFC gear has been flying off the shelves."

"Harford County's been really good for us," Moskos added. "Stuff is flying off the walls."

Moskos said Wednesday afternoon that the demand for Ravens gear had not slacked off, as fans seemed to be showing up all at once at several points in the day, such as lunchtime and late in the afternoon when people get off work.

Lloyd Singleton came from Aberdeen to buy a Ravens AFC Championship T-shirt at Poor Boys on Tuesday afternoon.

"I buy everything the Ravens have, all the way from the playoffs through the championship," Singleton said. If the team wins the Super Bowl, "I'll be back for that."

Brittany Pritchett also bought an AFC Championship T-shirt.


"It's to celebrate our win, and hopefully to win the Super bowl because I know we can do it," Pritchett said. "Hopefully, in two weeks I'll be back to buy the Super Bowl championship shirt."

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