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Fat guys are not athletes, 'Uh, really?' [Commentary]

A few weeks ago I threw a column out there and referenced it "Uh, really?" taking a spin off the ever popular "C'Mon, Man" from ESPN.

Writing a column like that is not something I plan to do on a monthly basis, but being between high school sports seasons and seeing and hearing a few things over this past week from the college and professional gridiron, I figure I have to do it with my next to last column of the year.


So, going back to Thanksgiving night, when my beloved Steelers were in town to battle the hometown favorite Ravens.

I think we can all agree, the game was a typical game between the two teams that just can't seem to get away from these single digit differentials. The game wasn't the best I've seen between the two, but it wasn't the worst either. Well, until that ugly sideline moment overshadowed another tight game.


Watching the game I saw the play as it unfolded live. Before the network went to replay after replay, I had already told my wife that the coach in reference could have drawn a flag because of where he was standing.

A lot has been made of it and like me, you don't have any idea whether Mike Tomlin's placement was intentional or a stupid mistake. If intentional, really stupid in my book.

Now, for the NFL, in its punishment of the non-flag on the field situation, to consider dealing the Steelers a loss of draft pick, I have to say, "Uh, really"?

OK, actually there were a number of "Uh, really" moments in that episode, but I will stick with that one.

The other moment came Saturday evening in the Alabama-Auburn college football game. If you haven't heard by now, Auburn stunned the college football world when Chris Davis returned a missed field goal some 109 yards for a touchdown, sending Auburn fans into hysteria.

The return gave Auburn a 34-28 win, thus likely ending Alabama's run at a third straight National Championship.

So, what's the big deal, you might ask. We'll get to that in a moment, but I'm just surprised I haven't heard anything about it. I believe I have good reasons for it, though.

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First, I'm guessing the Alabama fans turned off the TVs so as not to see that replay again Saturday night, if ever again. As for Auburn fans, I figure they were in such loud celebration, they wouldn't have been able to hear what my wife and I did.


It was after the first or second replay of the return when one of the game's TV announcers, Gary Danielson, uttered these words in recanting what he was watching and why Alabama didn't stop the game-winning play.

"Alabama had no athletes on the field, they're all fat guys." That's what he said and that's what my wife and I heard. So, what do I say? "Uh, really?"

Seriously, in a time when same sex marriage and race are constantly in battle, now fat people can't be athletes?

Having never been fat, I've played many softball games with and against players, who by the textbook, are fat. I wouldn't exactly say that all of those guys were not athletes.

Danielson, a former NFL quarterback, should know better. While offensive linemen in his playing days weren't as big as those playing now, I bet there were a few "fat guys" protecting his butt. My guess, there were a few athletes in that bunch.

I guess it's just a case of another sports announcer putting the foot in another "fat" part of the body: the mouth.