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An ugly reminder that sports promote trash talk [Column]

It was several years ago when I made a trip to Las Vegas and in a minute, came across a saying that is nothing but true.

I recall me and my friend, John, sitting down at an ESPN Zone restaurant for a meal when I noticed my soft drink coaster on the table. One side was labeled with ESPN, of course, but the other side featured just a few words that forever will and have rung true.


It said: "Without sports, trash couldn't talk."



Coming off a week that led right up to another classic Ravens-Steelers game, one would think that I've done my share or listened to my share of trash talking. The fact is I haven't and neither have any of those I've been around. Somewhat amazing, but none was a nice thing. I guess it's because both teams have struggled and it might be a bit embarrassing to spill garbage from your mouth in such the situation.

Anyway, with all pretty much quiet on the Ravens-Steelers front last week, trash talk of sorts came in one of the most unsuspecting places; a golf course.

All golfers know that there is a little bit of trash talk that comes with almost every round. It's usually a few friendly words between friends, but it's trash talk just the same.

So, this is what and where I heard this bit of unwanted trash talk.

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I was at the Harford County High School Golf Tournament at Geneva Farm Golf Course, minding my business above the 18th green. Very noticeable, was a photographer whom I did not know shooting photos for Edgewood High. Probably for the yearbook.

Nothing special about that until a while later, this same photographer questioned a woman who was seated 70 feet or so to my right. The photographer, who was looking for golfers with red shirts, was eyeing a Havre de Grace golfer, who was wearing a maroon shirt.

Not sure if he was looking at the right kid, the photographer approached the woman and asked is she was an Edgewood mom. She verified that she was and he then asked if that was an Edgewood golfer with the maroon shirt on. She politely responded, "No, that's Have Disgrace."

I was stunned. We're at a golf tournament and that's what I have to hear. It still shocks me, as you can tell.


We've had these stupid names for as long as I can remember and, yes, it's likely to hear some trash talk at the weekly football games in the fall or the boys basketball games in the winter.

But, golf? Wow, we have really come a long way now haven't we?

Here's a note for all of us. If you want to trash talk, do it. Just be mindful of who you might be offending in the process.